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Kresley Cole’s ‘Arcana Rising’ is the fourth installment in her Arcana Chronicles. This Young Adult Dystopian series is one of my favorites. It has it all – action, ridiculously potent characters, drama, and carnage. I waited patiently (well not so patiently) for ‘Arcana Rising’ and when I got it in my inbox – I devoured it. It didn’t disappoint.

Where do I start? I can start at the beginning I guess. Please don’t read further if you have not had the pleasure of ‘Dead of Winter,’ I’m about to spoil it for you. Frankly, Cole ended the last book in the most horrendous way possible. Lava flowed, tidal waves rolled in, and Jack, the beloved Hunter met an untimely demise. Of course, being 1/3rd of the love triangle, we all knew this couldn’t be the case. Or we hoped. It’s Jack. He can’t be dead.

In ‘Arcana Rising’ Evie sure thinks he’s dead. The book picks up right where the last one left off – and she’s in a really bad way. Missing an arm, pierced by wayward trash and in a state of mental breakdown. It’s very emotional, and if I hadn’t been convinced that there was no way Kresley Cole could have actually killed off Jack – I would have been a mess too. But, she made me think I might be wrong. Even though I’m a Team Death type of girl…it struck a nerve. Because, I do think Cole has it in her to do the ultimate sacrifice — to cut down a love triangle down to two with a death.

While we aren’t obsessing about Jack, there is a lot going on in the book. New Arcana are introduced and new alliances are made. Finally, Gran is located and she’s the lunatic I expected, but she does reveal new intricacies of this HUGE plot that Cole cooked up. I mean, the plot is immense and endless – I don’t know how Cole does it.

And during all of this, there is Evie and her heartbreak over the loss of Jack. Then there is Death – and his heartbreak over Evie choosing Jack. Evie is still torn over loving both of them – but now with Jack out of the way, she has only one choice now. But, that choice means certain death. Because there can only be one winner – and she begins to realize that the game must be played. With Jack’s death she realizes that she couldn’t endure seeing Aric die also.

“If I was fated to be with Aric, then maybe Death was inevitable. In every sense.”

Have I mentioned this damn book was heartbreaking? It is. It killed me. And even when hope was introduced, when something happened that finally had me excited — it was dashed almost immediately. Dashed and then the book ended. Ended with another gut-wrenching, WTF cliffhanger.

I screamed. I did. You’ll scream too. Enjoy.

Because just when it gets good. Just when pieces start coming together. Just when Cole works you all up — the book ends. 


I do have to be a bit of a prude too – sorry! But, there is a sex scene in this book. A sex scene that made me blush. Not exactly what I would recommend for a YA reader. It did lend to the story, but – well, this series has always toed the line of YA decency, so if you’ve made it this far without being scandalised — enjoy.

Young Adult Dystopian

I received this book for free from Provided by Publicist in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Arcana Rising by Kresley Cole – Release Day Review

Arcana Rising by Kresley Cole

Series: The Arcana Chronicles #4
Published by Valkyrie Press on August 15th 2016
ISBN: 0997215151
Genres: Dystopian, Young Adult
Source: Provided by Publicist
Also in this series: Poison Princess, Endless Knight, Poison Princess
Also by this author: Deep Kiss of Winter, Poison Princess, Shadow's Claim
5 Stars

Losses mount and deadly new threats converge in this next action-packed tale of the Arcana Chronicles by #1 New York Times bestselling author Kresley Cole.
When the battle is done . . . The Emperor unleashes hell and annihilates an army, jeopardizing the future of mankind--but Circe strikes back. The epic clash between them devastates the Arcana world and nearly kills Evie, separating her from her allies.
And all hope is lost . . . With Aric missing and no sign that Jack and Selena escaped Richter's reach, Evie turns more and more to the darkness lurking inside her. Two Arcana emerge as game changers: one who could be her salvation, the other her worst nightmare.
Vengeance becomes everything.To take on Richter, Evie must reunite with Death and mend their broken bond. But as she learns more about her role in the future--and her chilling past--will she become a monster like the Emperor? Or can Evie and her allies rise up from Richter's ashes, stronger than ever before?

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Young Adult Dystopian


  1. Patricia Eimer

    Oldest loved this when it hit her kindle on release day earlier this week. Like threw a pillow at me when I went to her room and suggested she put the book down and take the trash out levels of love. I can’t wait to start it this weekend when I finally have some free time

  2. Sherry soule

    Can’t wait to start reading it today! Awesome review, and I thought the second book was a little too sexy for YA readers. Might not be appropriate for my 13 year old daughter?



  3. Patti (@thelovejunkee)

    Do I need to read Day Zero first or can I just jump right in?

    • Parajunkee

      You can just jump right in.