Blogger Pet Peeves – A Dishing Junk Special

Blogger Pet Peeves – A Dishing Junk Special

Dishing Junk – The act of dispensing ideas of little value in a casual or silly manner.

It seems to happen more and more, either my propensity for “looking away” has diminished, or people just DGAF anymore. Blogging has exploded, petered out and then exploded again with a veritable lunacy of every make, model, and variety of crazy. Not to mention the authors that have flooded the scene, all becoming more and more prevalent with each insane book they publish. It used to be that an incident happened every now and again, somebody would lose their shit and the internet would go bonkers and then it would die down and we would all forget. Now – it’s like every day. Has the world gone mad? Or is it just that our little part of the universe finally caught up to the Kardashian mentality of the rest of the world that we thought we were to good to be a part of?

Whatever it is, I find that my patience has diminished and my UNFRIEND, UNFOLLOW, and BLOCK list has gotten so heavy, I’m almost embarrassed. This is what is gets you a quick 86 in my world, or sends me crying into my pillow at night:


The review request in which they CC every blogger in creation. Have you not learned how to properly email yet? WTF? It’s 2016! There is a function called BCC. Learn it. Do it. Don’t be a dipshit.



In the same vein as above – the moron that hits REPLY ALL to those email. Suddenly you know that Penelope Does Big Books {fake name} really really wants to review – “Horace Got Butt Slammed by the Minotaur.” Because it’s never a normal book, it’s always gotta be something really raunchy.

***This is a true story! Not the book title though.



This isn’t in the blogging world, but it pisses me off enough to resonate. The asshole at the party that finds out you’re a book blogger and says “you must have a lot of time on your hands.”


People that correct your grammar in comments. Yes, I make typos and have some grammar issues. Yes, I sometimes screw up its and random idioms. No one edits my work, only me. Don’t correct me in the comments. If you send me an email or a DM on twitter that says you have a mistake in your post. I will thank you profusely. If you correct me in comments I will curse your name.


When I write an amazing post and I only get a few views and no comments. I write a stupid rant post and it breaks my host and database because there are so many people on it. I should be thankful – but it’s like the painting you spent 50 hours on getting put in the basement and the doodle on the back of your notebook getting displayed in the White House.


When I read a review and they don’t mention SPOILER ALERT – then they SPOIL THE ENTIRE FREAKIN’ BOOK IN THE REVIEW!!!! And they don’t even do it “well.” They just rewrote the synopsis and then add in the “mystery” for an extra bonus. Thanks. You ruined the book for me.


When I launch a blog feature and then someone launches the exact same feature – and then claims it’s the original – even though I know that exact blogger participated in my feature!!!! Ugh.


An author or fellow blogger friends me on Facebook and then their first action is to ADD me to a GROUP or request that I like their page. I mean, c’mon!!!!

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Reviews that are nothing but fangirling…

Reviews that showcase the reviewer is just being mean:
“This book had too much sex. The author must be a slut to have written this book.”

{I’ve read both types – and had both types about my books. I don’t mind the first about my own books 😛 But when I’m trying to figure out what’s next to read those reviews are annoying}

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Post hate. You might think you have the “right” opinion, but every time I’ve clicked UNFRIEND or UNFOLLOW on twitter and facebook in the last month have all been hate related. And the people that posted it might not even realize they are being hateful. They think they are on the right side of the political opinion, but really – it’s an opinion. And if your way of winning an argument is insulting the other side – it’s hate.  The post from an author of the day today is “Women that vote Republican are stupid.” Straight up. It was within a post about women’s rights and health topics regarding females. But, it was very in your face. I wonder if that person would walk up to my face and call me stupid. I’ve voted Republican. I’ve voted Democrat too. I’ve also voted Independent. Does that make me a third stupid? Or half stupid. Unfollow and then I went on Facebook and I unfriended and then I went on twitter and unfollowed. I don’t like hate, no matter what side. #love

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  1. sandy

    I am a reviewer and ‘blogger’ and I agree with ALL of these pet peeves but by far is the ‘sympathy’ posts on FB by authors who on a daily basis are suffering through some catastrophe, illness or loss is my biggest pet peeve. There are legitimate issues, illnesses and problems with many people including authors but I do not need a ‘daily update’ on their latest round of enemas, tests, food trials, colds, flu, anxiety or depression, or…..what they ate for breakfast, lunch or supper. We ALL have issues at home-some more devastating than others-but we are NOT posting about it on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram…..well, some people are posting *sigh*

  2. Midnyte Reader

    I think I missed some Internet Drama…what the…? The opinions…yes…I see so much on my news feed. No one is going to change anyone’s minds — people spouting their “opinions” is fine and all, but I don’t like being called names for thinking a certain way.

  3. Kristen @ Metaphors and Moonlight

    Seriously, I swear every post I put the most effort into, every discussion or review I’m the most excited about, they get hardly any attention. Then the random ones I didn’t think anyone would care about but just posted anyway since they were already written, everyone loves those lol. I will never get it right!

    I’ve never had #2 happen to me, but that’s hilarious, haha.

  4. Heather Fowler

    Half of these, I’m like, “Oh, girl, yes!” and a third I’m like, “Oh, man, I know I do that sometimes,” and the other third I’m suddenly scanning my behavior, wondering, “Wait, do I do that?”/Erkel

    Take, for example, the fangirling. I fangirl in my reviews. Rather shamelessly. I try to explain why I fangirl, but I’m not sure I get beyond, “SQUEE! And then they SQUEE! OMG I LOVE THIS AUTHOR. In this book, we see why SQUEE!” Etc. It may be egregious. I apologize. 🙂

    #4, I have begun to feel that pain deeply this summer. I said ‘yes’ to every review opportunity that vaguely tickled my interest in the past 4 or so months, and now when I want to read an author or book just for fun, or do a favor for a friend, I have to be all, “Um, yeah, is December good for you?” Time on my hands? Hell, I barely have time to eat, sleep, shower, do laundry, and care for the cat between reading/reviewing, my fiction writing, and freelance work to keep body and soul together, so to speak.

    I can only speak briefly about people’s political and religious opinions/beliefs on social media: if you are an author, don’t do it. I have removed authors from my follow and friends’ list because they can’t shut up about their opinion on the same account as their promotions. How stupid is that? You are entitled to your opinion. Write checks, march for whatever cause you want. Could you not get your hate in my entertainment? It’s not as tasty as the chocolate in my peanut butter, and yes, I will hold it against you if you scream in my virtual face all the time.

    Ehem. Sorry to hijack, as usual! LOL

  5. Charlie @ Girl of 1000 Wonders

    1 and 5 are really big for me for the blog. You’d think as educators, my coworkers would realize nobody wants a “reply all” email to the ENTIRE campus re: there are leftover cookies in the lounge. …let alone 7. What is really pissing me off is when they take advantage of their school email account to mass email about a product they are selling. There was an individual that started doing this toward the very end of the year – I had multiple emails in one month. If it keeps up in the fall, I’m going to speak to her. Leaving your brochure and information in the lounge with contact information is one thing. It’s there if you’re interested. Also, 10. I am really on the fence about unfriending/unfollowing a few individuals due to this. I want to keep up with their lives, but not their political opinions.

    • Parajunkee

      Political views are one thing, but when they get really nasty, that’s when I have to be done. I tolerate some. I have a few family members that are on polar opposites as me in the political arena…I tolerate it. Even when they post made up stuff – and I don’t want to be that person that comments. I have taken to just leaving the snopes link in the comments though…I couldn’t take it.

      • nordie

        My review policy says “at least *pretend* you’ve done some research and have tailored your pitch to me specifically”. In other words, make sure my name is in the Salutation line (cos you’ve done a salutation line….RIGHT?!) and I can tell when you’ve done a CC or even a BCC

  6. Jessica Samuelsen

    This was a great post. I especially liked the spending hours on a post only to get more hits on a rant. Ugh. BTW My numbers have been down is this a summer thing? I haven’t been blogging long enough to know the trends. I hope you don’t mine me asking. Love the Dishing Junk

    • Parajunkee

      Summer and Christmas – numbers usually drop. Book sales drop too. Guess everyone is running around and having fun. Personally I can’t leave my house because it’s sooooo hot.

    • nordie

      My numbers are down, but not only is it summer, but i’ve been blogging less. I get my usual level of numbers on days I do post, it’s just the days I dont that I see a drop….

  7. Samantha (The Book Disciple)

    Sweet Jesus number 1!!!! And even worse, you can’t even unsubscribe. These emails are the herpes of the blogging world. Great post!

    • Parajunkee

      You should see what’s going on now in my inbox. I got offered a “sex toy” in this fashion today. And of course – in the mode after writing this post I had to let the company have it. And now it’s filled with “reply – alls” that have now degraded to embedded gifs. Oh the crap that is going on lmao.

  8. Melanie Simmons @mlsimmons

    As per usual, the Dishing Junk is on the money. After everything that went on with Twitter and Leslie Jones (and the guy that was just permanently banned from Twitter for enticing the bullying towards her), I’m amazed that people still don’t understand that the right of free speech. Yes, you can say whatever you want, that doesn’t mean there are no consequences to what you’ve said. It just means that you can’t be jailed for them. A software company can kick you off their site if it is listed in their terms of service that you can’t do those things.

    • Parajunkee

      Yes. That is the truth.

    • nordie

      I found it kinda funny that the guy who claimed “free speech” when making racist and misogynist comments, then claimed Twitter was “weak” and “cowardly” when more people claimed THEIR right to free speech by saying in return “not good enough, shut up now”. Sorry sweet cheeks, that’s not how it works. That’s the very censorship you *claim* to be against (when actually you’re being a bullying a*sewipe)

    • Heather Fowler

      I admit, I use Twitter for promo, and to re-tweet other writers’ promos, but I almost NEVER actually read it. And I NEVER never click on any of the trending topics–the trend because that’s where the CRAZIES ARE.

      I hardly even check into Facebook anymore, except to briefly check in on friends and family, and occasionally cry in my Outlander group.

      I have been on the ‘net since I was in college around 1530, and it was a black screen with orange letters on it. Trolls? Have not changed. They just have a bigger audience and a more globally hateful world now.

  9. Tanya Davis

    LOVE Dishing Junk. You always nail it!

    • Parajunkee

      Thank you my dear.

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