CHEAT – Karma Inc. Book One

About the Book: 

Title: CHEAT
Series: NOLA Zombie #0.5
Author: Rachel Rivera writing as Gillian Zane
Genres: Urban Fantasy, Serial Fantasy
Pages: 100

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Setting up the scene:

This is from Chapter Four of CHEAT. Our heroine, Cassandra, is dead and she’s been offered a job as a Karma Inc. operative.

Exclusive Excerpt from CHEAT

“You’ll be like a member of the SEAL Team Six of Afterlife,” the drab little man said. It was obvious he was trying to push me to this decision. I didn’t think I had much of a choice, no matter how hard he sold it to me. What was my other choice? Oblivion for fifteen thousand years? It wasn’t that hard of a decision to make.

“SEAL team? Like going in and killing bad guys? Do Karma operatives take out bad guys, like kill them? If they do, they’ve been slacking on their jobs, ‘cause I know a lot of assholes that should have been taken out a long time ago.”

“Bad analogy,” he frowned and tapped a finger on his desk.

“How about we stop with the analogies and just shoot straight? I think I can follow along,” I said in a perky tone to soften my criticism.

“Right, okay. So, you get the negative energy thing?” I nodded to keep him moving along. “Well, yes, the living build up negative energy, through their actions, thoughts, and even things they fail to do. At some point in a person’s life, they might come on the radar of Karma. I don’t know how, so don’t ask me.” He held up a hand when I opened my mouth to ask that exact question. “They just do. And that is when a Karma operative is sent in. They have to offset the negative energy by delivering a punishment.”

“I would dish out bad karma?”

“Basically,” he shrugged.

“That sounds kind of cool, actually.” I sat back in the chair, forgetting my earlier panic.

“There’s a lot involved, and Karma is one of the closest divisions to the living world, so you would be manifested as a living person. You can feel pain, be injured, that sort of thing. And they require you to do certain things that you might not like. A lot of hands-on things.” He said it with raised eyebrows, which had me wondering what kind of hands-on things were involved.  “They usually choose candidates who don’t have a lot of empathy and tend toward the judgmental spectrum.”

“So the bitches of Afterlife,” I laughed. He winced.

“Everyone has their place.”

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CHEAT Releases July 26

Karma’s a bitch…and her name’s Cassie.

Working for Karma Incorporated might sound like the best job in the world, but there’s one really big catch: you’ve got to die to get it. Cassandra Mercier died at the ripe old age of twenty-one and is now gainfully employed by the Afterlife Corporation as a Karma operative. Her job duties include manifesting bad karma on unsuspecting victims.

Two months into her internship Cassie is promoted and given her first solo case. His name is Bishop and he is a cheat. He needs some bad karma, and Cassie’s the right girl for the job.

Inflicting a bit of payback on this cheat should be easy for Cassie, so she gets permission from her boss to do a little investigating on her own time. Investigating into her living life, the one she can’t seem to remember. The only problem, she is forbidden from doing the digging herself. Afterlife Corporation rule. She can hire someone to look into it for her, though, and that someone turns out to be Drake Greco. She regrets her decision the moment she walks into his office…