The Great Wrap-up Post


Today is the FINAL day of the Summertime Blogger & Reader Challenge! Final day. Twenty-two posts, all kinds of supposed crazy stuff happened. Or at least it happened in my head. But, the main thing is, I had something to post during the summer.

I’ve posted a lot of random stuff for these 22 posts. I’ve posted a lot about romances, some drink recipes, even movie recommendations. It was a long June. I felt like a lot of the time I was posting to post – but it was a challenge and I had to complete it. I’m looking forward to getting back to how things usually go on the PJV.

My favorite post had to be the picture post. And I want to give a HUGE thank you to the ladies that took this all the way with me. You can see Charlie’s post’s below.

Enjoy the rest of your summer!

Summertime Challenge Info:

  • The challenge will run the month of June (link lists will be closed down July 1)
  • The first post goes up June 1 and will run Monday – Friday’s the month of June (posts will not be up on the weekends, we have to have swim time at some point!)
  • You don’t have to have a book blog, or “blog” to participate, you can do this on Facebook or another social site if you want
  • If you post, please leave a link. There will be a weekly link-up post – scheduled for Monday with the scheduled topics for that week. Please link in that post.
  • This is to help, not hinder – don’t stress if you miss a day or two or three
  • Share your post and use the hashtag #SummerBookBlogChallenge

Week 5:

  1. Week 5 - Link up post
  2. Post 19 - Write a Bad Summer Poem (Or Good if you like that stuff)
  3. TBL - Favorite Quotes from Books
  4. TBL - City Summer Spotlight
  5. TBL - Challenge Wrap-up

So long, farewell...

Did you have fun?

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  1. Charlie @ Girl of 1000 Wonders

    I loved this challenge! I think it was something I needed. I had so much fun with it!