Share the Summer Love

The other challenge blogs you’re enjoying to read

Welcome to week four of the Summertime Blog & reader Challenge. This week we are stepping even further away from books and blogging about the things we enjoy, other than reading. Today we are talking about:

Share the Summer Love
The other challenge blogs you’re enjoying to read


I’m really enjoying everyone. I know that’s a cop out, but anyone who is doing this with me is awesome. 😀

Nordie! @ Writing at Books

Nordie has gone all the way with me – and so much props for that. This was a big one and more to get me back in blogging daily. So, thank you for doing this with me. I’ll get lazy again come July.

The Broke Book Bank

Another great goal post that’s so well put together. My favorite goal of Brook’s was: Be me unapologetically. Go ‘head girl! <3 that.

Girl of 1000 Wonders

The thing I like most about  Girl of 1000 Wonders‘ post is that each one is like a story. Her posts give a little glimpse of what’s going through her mind at the time she wrote it. It’s fresh and I’ve enjoyed reading them.


I love how PinKindle puts together her posts, and her reading list was well done. I wish I had the patience to put together a post like that.

Bookish Things & More

I think I like Katrina’s graphics better than mine. I’m a little jealous.

The Reading Diaries

Mandy and I are going to go and see the same movies and read the same books – we seem to have a lot in common as far as taste. Gotta appreciate that. 😀

Summertime Challenge Info:

  • The challenge will run the month of June (link lists will be closed down July 1)
  • The first post goes up June 1 and will run Monday – Friday’s the month of June (posts will not be up on the weekends, we have to have swim time at some point!)
  • You don’t have to have a book blog, or “blog” to participate, you can do this on Facebook or another social site if you want
  • If you post, please leave a link. There will be a weekly link-up post – scheduled for Monday with the scheduled topics for that week. Please link in that post.
  • This is to help, not hinder – don’t stress if you miss a day or two or three
  • Share your post and use the hashtag #SummerBookBlogChallenge

Week 5:

  1. Week 5 - Link up post
  2. Post 19 - Write a Bad Summer Poem (Or Good if you like that stuff)
  3. TBL - Favorite Quotes from Books
  4. TBL - City Summer Spotlight
  5. TBL - Challenge Wrap-up

Sharing the Summer Love

What other blogs are you enjoying?

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  1. Charlie @ Girl of 1000 Wonders

    I love this post! Now that I’m awake for the day, I need to get to making mine!