Summer Romance Reads

I love a good summer romance read. There is nothing like “Summer Lovin’,” here are some of my favorites:

Great Summer Romances

The Fool's Gold Series by Susan Mallery

Any of the Fool’s Gold books are a great summer read. There are even books in the series that are summer specific. Start at number one, or grab the last one she released. They are all stand-alone, but you’ll see some of the characters make appearances throughout. These are fun and light and I can never get enough.

French Kiss Series by Stephanie Perkins

The FRENCH KISS series by Stephanie Perkins has to be one of my favorite contemporary romance series in the YA genre. Sweet, a little sexy and a whole lot of angst and swoon, the FRENCH KISS series is a must read summer romance favorite.

Great Summer Romances
Great Summer Romances

Wallbanger (Cocktail #1) by Alice Clayton

Alice Clayton’s WALLBANGER is one of my favorite romance reads. It’s very sexy, very different and will have you glued to the page. If you haven’t read this one, bring it with you on vacay, it’ll be a treat.

Pushing the Limits Series by Katie McGarry

The PUSHING THE LIMITS series by Katie McGarry makes me swoon just thinking about it. It is that good. All of them. Read them this summer. Yes, they are young adult romances, but it makes it just that much more sweet. 

Great Summer Romances

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Summer Romance Reads

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  1. Charlie @ Girl of 1000 Wonders

    THE FOOL’S GOLD SERIES looks like something I would absolutely love! I will have to check them out!