Favorite Summer Place to Read

Where do you love to read during the summer?

I am currently getting my favorite reading spot together. We are currently under construction and I want to get a new comfy spot for my back deck. Let me know what I should get….

Perfect Summer Reading Spot

I was thinking about getting this arm chair from Pier One. I only need one chair, not a set because I have nice furniture already for sitting and eating, but nothing is good enough for long reading binges. This looks comfortable. You think it’s worth the price?

Maybe I shouldn’t get an arm chair. I was thinking of getting a sofa. Would this be nice? A nice comfy sofa? It is wicker, it might not be that comfy.

Perfect Summer Reading Spot
Perfect Summer Reading Spot

Or maybe I should just go all out and get a hammock. I always wanted a hammock. I won’t be able to write in a hammock though – that might be hard to hold onto my laptop.


Which one do you think I should get?

Perfect Summer Reading Spot

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  1. Charlie @ Girl of 1000 Wonders

    If you balance just right, you can wing writing in a hammock. My uncle did all his studying and college work in the hammock in our front yard. I like to lounge, typically with my feet higher than my head. I agree with Nordie – a chaise lounge would be ideal. You can lounge and you have all the support you need. And you can change the elevation and degree at which you’re upright!

  2. Nordie @ writing about books

    You need something where you can put your feet up. So hammock, or armchair with a footstool. The sofa you’ve posted isn’t exactly designed for casual “lounging”. Get a “Chaise lounge” instead. Let’s be practical here: you want back AND foot support