Ways to Battle Blogging Slump

Tips & Tricks or just basic ideas

Battling Blogger Slump or Blogger Burn Out

Blogging slump is much like writer’s block. It happens and you can choose to battle it and sludge through it, or you can maybe take a break and think about what matters most to you. What you have to understand is that unless you have obligations to others with your blog, you don’t have to force yourself. You can take a break. You can change things up. It’s your blog. Just do it.

Get Inspired.
Get inspired, whether from other blogs that are doing awesome things, to ideas outside of blogging. Look to what publicists are doing, what’s popular on television and even get inspired from local events and websites. Don’t copy these ideas, let them inspire you. For example, if your local bookstore came up with an idea of combining certain Young Adult books with certain pie flavors and are calling it YA & Pie, think about how you can do something similar. Maybe Urban Fantasy and Coffee or Romance and Chocolate and compare certain books with those items. The sky is the limit.

Write About Something Different.
You don’t only have to write about books. No one says you have to. If you have something else you want to talk about, talk about it. Have a knitting hobby, or a DIY addiction? Post about it. You never know where it will take you.

Keep a Blogging Journal of Ideas.
Carry a journal with you and jot down blogging ideas as they come to you.

Change Your Routine.
If you currently blog on your laptop in your front room, take it to another room in your home. Or get out of the house and blog at a cafe. Change up when you post, how you post, the apps you use to post. Find something new and different and it might make things fun for you.

ReOrganize Yourself.
Getting organized can help blogging slump greatly. If you have a set plan with a set agenda, the sky is the limit. We often get hit with blogger burnout because we feel overwhelmed. You can easily calm down this anxiety by putting things in a tidy neat package.

Take A Break
You don’t have to blog all the time. You don’t have to blog every day. One week off will not kill you or your blog. Take a break. When I was getting overwhelmed I cut my blog down to two posts a week. It happens. I’ve been doing this for seven years. Everyday. Take a beak, it doesn’t have to be forever.

Battle Blogging Slumps

Summertime Challenge Info:

  • The challenge will run the month of June (link lists will be closed down July 1)
  • The first post goes up June 1 and will run Monday – Friday’s the month of June (posts will not be up on the weekends, we have to have swim time at some point!)
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  • This is to help, not hinder – don’t stress if you miss a day or two or three
  • Share your post and use the hashtag #SummerBookBlogChallenge

Week 5:

  1. Week 5 - Link up post
  2. Post 19 - Write a Bad Summer Poem (Or Good if you like that stuff)
  3. TBL - Favorite Quotes from Books
  4. TBL - City Summer Spotlight
  5. TBL - Challenge Wrap-up

What are your summertime goals? Post and link it up!

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  1. Charlie @ Girl of 1000 Wonders

    I love this list! I needed a reminder for some of these. I find that when I’m out somewhere working on my blog (or, you know, at a teacher conference with a little downtime) that I am more productive than I am at home. Perhaps I should try that more. I also suffer hardcore from not keeping a blog journal for ideas or just to jot down thoughts and then come up with a fuller plan later.