A Great Summer Vacation

A great summer vacation, one you’ve gone on, one you would like to go on, or a fictional perfect vacay.

My Perfect Summer Vacation

I’m going to tell you about my perfect Summer Vacay. I haven’t necessarily been on the perfect vacay yet. My honeymoon was probably the best vacation every, but it wasn’t in the summer. I did have some good ones as a child, but do those count?

I’m a laid back type of vacationer. And I’m telling you one day I’m going to do this. I want to get an RV, whether we rent one or “borrow” one, I want to load that thing up with all the amnenties and get in it and don’t turn back. I want to hit the back roads and see all the crazy things of America. I want to start in New Orleans and head North through Arkansas and then head West through Texas all the way to California, then up the coast. Then I want to head back to the East coast and hit all the strange Americana I can. I want to find Route 66 and get lost. I want to eat at a diner in Roswell, NM and drink moonshine in West Virginia. I want to see everything. 😀 What’s yours??

A Great Summer Vacation

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  1. Mary

    I’m not doing the reading challenge but I do follow this blog and loved this question.

    First off, (and I’m not from Arkansas but…) let me just say that there is so much for one to see & do in beautiful ARK! The gorgeous Buffalo River, the Buffalo River hiking trails, Ouachita National Forest, and Cedar Falls –The best known natural waterfall in the state and a Central Arkansas favorite, Cedar Falls is the focal point of Petit Jean State Park atop Petit Jean Mountain near Morrilton. The Ozark National Forest/Ozark Mountains. Fayetteville’s Falling Water Falls and it’s blue-green/clear swimming hole. So picturesque!! Hot Springs. There are 52 state parks in Arkansas alone!! Totally interesting state! I could travel this area from early fall thru late spring and never, ever get bored or lose my awe of nature’s natural beauty. A state worth seeing.

    And, yes! Parajunkie, after all that, my trip would very much mimic yours. Don’t even get me started on New Orleans. In spring or fall, NOLa is my go-to happy place. 🙂

    • Parajunkee

      Thanks Mary. I look forward to my trip. I’m trying to be more outdoorsy lol.

  2. Charlie @ Girl of 1000 Wonders

    I’m not so interested in Arkansas, but I would love to travel up the Eastern starboard and visit all of New England, then travel cross-country to the Pacific Coast. That would be a pretty awesome trip.