The kids are almost out of school, the weather is heating up, summer is right around the corner! Don’t let the sun and pool time distract you from your love of blogging! Who needs outdoor time? Let’s read, let’s blog, let’s talk about books.

This challenge is to help you overcome the summertime slump, give you easy topics to blog about and discuss. A chance to meet new bloggers and interact with them about similar subjects and get exposure for your blog.

I hope you’ll join on this fun challenge. It’s not meant to be stressful, it’s meant to be fun. Change it up, or stick to the game plan. You can start at any time, end at any time, this is made to help you.

Summer Blog Challenge

Week 1

June 1 – 3

  • Summer Goals
    Summer goals for your blogs, what you plan to do, what you plan to accomplish and how you plan on doing this.
  • Summer Reading List
    The books you plan to read this summer.
  • A Great Summer Vacation
    A great summer vacation, one you’ve gone on, one you would like to go on, or a fictional perfect vacay.

Week 2

June 6 – 10

  • Ways You Battle Blogging Slumps
    Tips & Tricks or just basic ideas
  • Books About Summer
    What are your favorite books about summer, or books you want to read that are about summer?
  • Summer Vacay Spots You Wouldn’t Want to Go
    We all know where we want to go, where would you never go that is a popular vacation spot?
  • Random Non-Book Related Post
    Anything you want! Just make sure it’s not about books.
  • Favorite Summer Place to Read
    Where do you love to read during the summer?

Week 3

June 13 – 17

  • Books to Read at the Beach
    Beach read recommendation post
  • Your Favorite Things About Summer
  • Capture Your Summer Mood in a Photo Post
  • School Summer Reading List Books You Loved
  • Summer Movies You Are Excited About
Summer Blogger Challenge

Week 4

June 20 – 24

  • Random Non-Book Related Post
    Anything you want! Just not about books
  • Other Non-Book Hobbies You Enjoy
  • Summer Television Series You’re Enjoying
  • Summer Romance Books
    Romance books that are perfect for summer reading
  • Share the Summer Love
    The other challenge blogs you’re enjoying to read

Week 5

June 27 – 30

  • Write a Bad Summer Poem (Or Good if you like that stuff)
  • Favorite Quotes from Books
    Find quote images – or just quote in your post – even make your own, your choice!
  • City Summer Spotlight
    What does your city do during the summer that you enjoy?
  • Challenge Wrap-up
    What did you share during the challenge? What did you enjoy, etc.

Summertime Challenge Info:

  • The challenge will run the month of June (link lists will be closed down July 1)
  • The first post goes up June 1 and will run Monday – Friday’s the month of June (posts will not be up on the weekends, we have to have swim time at some point!)
  • You don’t have to have a book blog, or “blog” to participate, you can do this on Facebook or another social site if you want
  • If you post, please leave a link. There will be a weekly link-up post – scheduled for Monday with the scheduled topics for that week. Please link in that post.
  • This is to help, not hinder – don’t stress if you miss a day or two or three
  • Share your post and use the hashtag #SummerBookBlogChallenge

Week 5:

  1. Week 5 - Link up post
  2. Post 19 - Write a Bad Summer Poem (Or Good if you like that stuff)
  3. TBL - Favorite Quotes from Books
  4. TBL - City Summer Spotlight
  5. TBL - Challenge Wrap-up

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