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Dishing Junk – The act of dispensing ideas of little value in a casual or silly manner. More Dishing Junk

This is Brock. Brock is super hot. Super super hot. So Brock gets used a lot. Used by cover designers mostly. Even some “male enhancement” advertisements (but we’re only dealing with covers) use him. Poor Brock. He gets around. Here’s Brock’s story.

Let’s take a trip through the life and times of Brock…

Brock became a billionaire very young. He’s one of the youngest billionaires out there, actually. He also likes romancing his pretty little female assistants. He gets around.

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Brock’s head is chopped off in this one, but it’s obvious that it’s Brock. His name is Braden in this story and he is a very bad boy. And rather good in bed if the synopsis can be trusted. He’s also chiseled. But, we can see that from the cover.

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Brock has gone from the high-rise office buildings of billionaire living to the forest. And now he’s a black panther shifter!  And he is looking for a mate RAWR!!!!!

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Brock sure has that bad boy thing down! Here he is with his muscles described as LICKABLE. Yeah they are. But, I think he accidently got a girl pregnant. Brock! I hope you do right by that girl.

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Now we’ve finally come to figure out why Brock has been such an unattainable bad boy – he’s gay! He’s given up his billions, turned back into a human and is now a gay firefighter. So hot, Brock! I’m glad he finally figured out what really stirs his loins. Which is good, because no one really wanted to fool around with Brock – they just like looking at him. I have a fire that needs extinguishing Brock!

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It’s hard to find a good stock image – and Brock is a HOT boy of hot boys.  All of these covers are well done (well most) – but it just shows how a stock shot can be overused. Even my own covers have prolific couples. It hurts – like they are cheating on you, but unless you have the big bucks to pay a photographer you are forced to use stock. And even if you buy a custom shot – you buy the shot and not rights to the model, so you’ll see the same model on other covers. Being a cover designer isn’t easy… 

And we know this well. Even after this post Brock kept showing up.

Here he is as a sexy security dude. Click here. And then over here in a taboo gay romance. And then finally as a BDSM bad boy.


  1. Midnyte REader

    This is such a clever post! Very fun.

  2. Melanie Simmons @mlsimmons

    I really dislike the author’s name across his face. This isn’t the only model I’ve seen used a lot. There is a blonde female that I’ve seen used many, many times.

  3. Shari

    Poor Brock, but I have seen many, many covers share the same image. I don’t mind until I see it 20 times in one day. Unfortunately the shifter cover was not my favorite as it looks way to Photoshopped. I love how you give us Brock’s story over time. He’s one guy that gets around!

    What I find funny…I created a Bad Boys Reading Challenge and got a photo of a guy off CanStockPhoto. This month I found that same image on a book from a publisher I thought could afford a little more higher end photo.

    Book –
    Challenge –

    Oh, well, I can’t afford to buy exclusive stuff.


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