Honor by Gillian Zane

Honor (NOLA Zombie Book 5)

The Final NOLA Zombie Book – for reals…

About the Book: 

Title: HONOR
Series: NOLA Zombie #5
Author: Rachel Rivera writing as Gillian Zane
Genres: Post-Apocalyptic, Zombie, Horror
Pages: 262

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Setting up the scene:

This is Chapter One in HONOR. The chapter begins right where Justice left off. The trials are still going on and Romeo finds himself acting as judge. Enjoy.

Exclusive Excerpt from HONOR

ONE | Life and Death


Deciding whether a man lives or dies is a sobering experience. I looked from one member of the group to another; their faces were all shuttered, unreadable.  No one spoke, so I cast my vote.


He was guilty. Guilt as hell. And a drug addict to make matters worse. He had no redeemable qualities. He was a monster and should make a swift exit from the human race. The fact that the world was now full of these kinds of people made me question if the human race deserved to continue. There was a reason the infected were trying to eat us. Someone had called in the big finale. Why was I trying to delay the inevitable? Maybe it was time humans threw in the towel.

If I had to cast my vote for the human race, how would I vote?

I wasn’t normally one to throw in the towel, but this job as a judge was fucking with my head. Zach was in the radio room setting up a communications scheduled with Fort Polk. He couldn’t sit for this trial. Blake was MIA. I was pretty sure he was hunting Junior, one of the prisoners who had escaped.

Blake had been given direct orders not to go looking for Junior, but he was under the opinion that the man was poison and would do his damnedest to get back at us. If we let him escape into the world, he wasn’t going to go down without a fight. We did take over his base, kill the majority of his fellow bikers and sentence him to death. Cause for revenge, in my opinion.

A death sentence like the one we handed to this last guy. Another monster. Another rapist and murderer. He deserved it.

He was one of the last trials we had to hold. We only had two more after this one. Only three more times to listen to crack of the firing squad. Then it would be over. This whole Lakeview debacle would be a closed deal and I could go back to the compound and get back to my routine.

I couldn’t wait to be done with Lakeview.

Zach James, my superior, was trying to set up trade deals and bureaucratic nonsense with the guy in charge of the newly acquired Lakeview, so I knew I hadn’t seen the last of this place, but hopefully it would be awhile before I made my way off the island.

The last vote of guilty was logged and we all nodded at one another. This one had been easier. An open and shut case, so to speak.

“Death or exile?” Jeremy Grafmueller, who we all called Graf, asked the group.

“Death,” everyone said at once. Most of us, at least. Grace, as per her usual, voted exile. She had done it each time, stubborn in her sympathies. Grace was one of the two civilians on the judging panel. She was from my group of survivors, the voice of civilian logic and reason, or some bullshit like that. A bleeding heart as my grandfather would have said.

“I was against the death penalty Pre-Z, I will not sacrifice my morals just because the world’s ended,” she told me when I asked her about her vote of exile each time.

I could understand her valuing a human life, but in my opinion, these were not lives of value.

I followed the group out of the back room where we had been discussing the verdict in private. The trials were being held in a large room that had once been a drug store. I took my seat at the front of the room with the others, but Graf remained standing.

The man on trial was out of it. His head lolled on his neck and he had a serious case of the shakes. They had run out of meth, death would be a compassionate way out for them. Compassion they didn’t deserve.

“Carson Lagarde, street name Fix, the panel finds you guilty, the sentence is death,” Graf, the National Guard representative, delivered the verdict.

Bye bye, motherfucker. Shouldn’t have had a thing for raping underage girls.

The tweaker didn’t realize he was about to die. He was twitching so hard you could have shot him right there and he wouldn’t have noticed. The tweakers had been left for last, thinking it would give them more of a chance to dry out. Isaiah Smith, resident doctor, had been feeding them low dosages of meth to wean them off slowly, but it wasn’t working and they ran out yesterday. The trials were pushed up because they were all dying. If it wasn’t the firing squad, their hearts would give out because of the withdrawals.   

The man was led out of the room. He would go to the back parking lot and be shot by five of the soldiers. He didn’t protest. I wanted to feel bad for the guy, I wanted some moral twinge to register. Nothing. He deserved his fate.

“Romeo.” I looked up to find Lex walking toward me. She strode across the room like she owned the place. Heads turned as she walked by and she was either clueless to their attention, or ignored it well. Everyone followed Lex with their eyes, the men and the women. She was something else. In another life, in another time, I would have given Blake and Zach a run for their money. But that was the Romeo of before, Pre-Z, a man I didn’t even identify with now. And Lex belonged to Zach and Blake, and they belonged to her. Nothing would or could change that.

“Lex?” I asked.

“Zach sent me to get you, said he’s in contact with the remaining members of the 256th out of Destrehan or LaPlace. Something like that. Someone’s asking for you by name.”

“The 256th? I don’t know anyone in that division,” I said confused.

“I have no idea, I’m just the messenger. He said it was someone named Lena, if that helps,” she shrugged.


I didn’t respond to Lex. I turned toward the exit and ran. I ran as fast as I could to the radio room.

HONOR Releases May 13

The NOLA Zombie series comes to a close with this emotional and action-packed installment.

Since the SHTF, Romeo is good at one thing, killing zombies. He doesn’t want to waste his time with anything else. His fellow survivors think of him as a machine and he’s fine with that. There isn’t any time to waste on things, like feelings, or other nonsense.

Lena Dervay, former movie star, current walking victim has barely been surviving in a repurposed middle school run by an incompetent Army Lieutenant. She and her group of survivors are as good as dead if they stay put. When Lena finally gets in touch with Romeo, she knows that if anyone can come in and save the day, it’s him. Problem is, Romeo isn’t the charming, white knight, hero that she remembers. Lena is still drawn to him, though, and as their paths intersect she knows she might not come out intact in the end, body or soul.