CLAIMED by Elle Kennedy was one of the HOTTEST books I’ve read in a long time. The story was an erotic exploration of a dark, dytopian world that blended the perfect amount of violence, naughtiness, and over-bearing alphas to make it a yummy escape read.

CLAIMED by Elle Kennedy is an erotic dystopian novel, something that is hard to come by in the adult romance world. Kennedy introduces you to a world that is much like the wild west, where outlaws and bandits rule the untamed lands, but based in a future time. War has ravaged the land, bombs destroying most of the population and setting off earthquakes that finished off most of the remaining survivors. Colonies sprung up throughout what used to be the U.S. and were ruled with an iron fist to prevent future conflict. Population is restricted, marriages are arranged and citizens of the cities live in fear of their rulers, but in relative comfort compared to the men and women that choose to live as outlaws.

The story Kennedy created was rich in detail, but not overwhelming like a lot of science fiction worlds are. The plot and world were easily understood and the conflict within the world was intense and instantly anxiety ridden. The main characters Hudson and Connor were well formed and both sexy as hell. Their relationship was fascinating to read and I was sucked in by the secrets they both held, finding them believable instead of written in to build conflict. Kennedy also did not hold back when it came to the sex, there were no pulled punches or hidden bits. The outlaws have a different view of sex, a very open way of expressing themselves and Kennedy took full advantage of this belief. It was HOT, top the charts kind of hot. So, hot that if you get embarrassed easily or do not like non-vanilla sex – you might not like this book.

Overall, I enjoyed Kennedy’s first OUTLAW book and moved right into ADDICTED which is the next book in the series, releasing in June. Each book follows a couple, so it is not necessary to read one before the other, but it is recommended to learn about the world. And you want to meet the side characters which are introduced, I have to say that Kennedy has enough hot and intense side characters to write within this series for awhile. Now, I’m patiently waiting for Pike’s book…


I received this book for free from Publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Claimed (Outlaws Series #1) by Elle Kennedy

Claimed by Elle Kennedy

Series: Outlaws #1
Published by Signet on October 6th 2015
Pages: 368
Source: Publisher
Also in this series: Claimed
Also by this author: The Deal, The Mistake, The Mistake
4.5 Stars


  1. Kristin @ Simply Bookish Thingss

    I read this a while ago and I really enjoyed it! Glad to hear that you did too!XD

    • Parajunkee

      Thanks Kristin. I just got this one and Addicted at the same time and couldn’t resist. 😀