A RECKLESS DESIRE by Isabella Bradford was a wonderful historical romance that I found myself sucked into from the beginning. Bradford spun a unique and captivating story that was well researched and heartwarming. A RECKLESS DESIRE was everything a good historical romance should be.


A RECKLESS DESIRE is the third book in the Breconridge Brother’s, but the first one that I’ve read. I had no issues falling within this book, though, they did introduce the other brothers, but made no reference to the other books, other than to establish that the brother’s were more open-minded than their brethren and there was a pregnancy that would be more exciting if I would have read the prior novels.

The book focuses on Lord Rivers Fitzroy, the youngest of the Fitzroy’s, and his father’s only hope to produce a male heir. His older brother’s keep giving birth to females, so it is expected that Rivers is to marry well and birth a boy. A scholarly man, Rivers isn’t excited about marrying and spends his time in the company of the theater and a troop of Italien dancers. On one more raucous night, Rivers and his friend make a bet that he could turn a tiring girl into a worthwhile actress. To the boys it’s just a joke. To Lucia di Rossi, an abused orphan, with hopes of becoming an actress it’s her dream come true.  She tracks down Rivers and holds him to his bet. From there instruction turns to a romance…and Rivers finds himself in over his head. The little tiring girl that he thought was dreary, turns into quite a charming and beautiful actress.

The drama of the theater and the romance between the two characters are very intense. It’s flushed out and real, not the usual fluff that is sometimes written in the genre. There were real consequences for their romance and the decisions they made were not predictable. I did find that the ending was wrapped up a little too nicely to give things a Happily Ever After, but I didn’t expect anything less. Overall, this was a charming and engaging novel that I enjoyed and I will have to go back and read the first two books in the series.

About_the_book A RECKLESS DESIRE by Isabella Bradford – Review

A Reckless Desire by Isabella Bradford

Series: Breconridge Brothers #3
Published by Ballantine Books on March 1st 2016
ISBN: 0345548175
Pages: 384
Source: Publisher
5 Stars

For fans of Julia Quinn, Eloisa James, and Sabrina Jeffries: the elegantly seductive third historical romance in Isabella Bradford’s Breconridge Brothers trilogy.  Lord Rivers Fitzroy is as charming and sought-after as his rakish elder brothers, though he immerses himself more in dusty books and scholarly pursuits than in bawdy houses. Yet, Hell-bent on making the most of his remaining bachelorhood now that his father insists he marry, Rivers becomes the favorite of a troupe of Italian dancers. One night, after a performance, the handsome lord is challenged with a most provocative wager: Turn the players’ meek and mousy cousin into the first lady of the London stage.   But Lucia di Rossi is not what she seems. Scorned by the rest of her family, Lucia longs for the respect and stardom of a great actress. Rivers’s wager could be the answer to all her hopes—so long as he understands that she wants to be an actress, not his mistress. The two commence her metamorphosis in earnest—even as passion begins to take center stage. As Lucia’s dreams come true, she fears that it may be Rivers, not she, who is the master performer. Is he only making her believe he cares? Has she found the spotlight only to lose her heart—or will the final curtain reveal a love strong enough to last?