I don’t know about you, but I’m constantly being bombarded by friend requests on Facebook. Constant! At first, I indiscriminately accepted via my author profile. I wasn’t going to know anyone personally, except bloggers, so how could I judge fan or foe? Well, the messages began to come in…and boy did it get wacky. I learned quickly how to spot a creeper on Facebook.

how to spot a facebook creeper

They Have a Lot of Weird Promotion Stuff on Their Profile

They accept every friend request they get, especially from hot looking women. And spammers love using hot girl profiles to spam your timeline. Just desserts for them, that’s what they get for being a creeper and it’s also a great way to tell that they have no care about which friends to accept. You don’t want to be associated with that either, because spammers go from friend to friend to friend. Stay far away loser.


All Their Friends are Chicks…

Make sure to stalk them before you accept them. If they’re a creeper they’ll be going after chicks, mostly hot chicks. They’ll have pictures with their family on their timeline and cover photo, but there won’t be many family looking members in their friend list. Creepy Facebook guy is going to have an abundance of chick friends – which is where you want to check first. Faces like the ones below are not because he’s everybody’s fave GBF – it’s because he’s a creepy Facebook dude.

Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 1.20.27 PM

Sure – He’s a Male Model…

Oh man, check out this hottie that wants to be my friend!!!! Don’t fall for it ladies. The truth behind the profile…



They Message You With a Random Weird Comment.

Along with the friend request they also send you a bizarro message through messages, which go through filtered requests, which you might find AFTER you’ve accepted their friend request. Once you find this weird message, go find them and MAKE SURE you aren’t their friend.  And if they keep persisting…well you might consider blocking.



They Go Through Your Archive


If they go through everything you’ve posted publicly and LIKE it, even the crap you posted five years ago. That should be a SURE sign that they are a creeper. And think about it, that crazy creeper just looked through all of your facebook posts that you posted publicly. Even those ones that you accidentally posted publicly. Like maybe your kids picture.

They Request Information From You

Yeah – don’t share that stuff with them. That is just weird, weird, weird. Why does this even exist on Facebook??



They Poke you….

Again – WTF is the Facebook poke?? Why does it exist but to encourage weird creepers to pretend like they are physically interacting with you.


Have you had any crazy creeper experiences?


  1. Lexxie @ (un)Conventional Bookviews

    I’m like Lori, I delete and block weird requests. I haven’t gotten that many on my blogging account, but I get a few every week on my personal account, and it really creeps me out! I’m so happy my profile is set to private, and that all my photos are automatically shared only with ‘family’ and ‘close friends’.

  2. Lori L. Clark

    I get a lot of random friend requests… and I delete them and block them after I see that they just joined FB a month ago and we have no common friends, etc. On another note, this reminds me of the book “You:A Novel” by Caroline Kepnes. This woman goes into a bookstore and the creeper behind the counter takes the name off her credit card and stalks her… He’s, unfortunately, a serial killer.

  3. Elizabeth

    Ugh, I just had a crazy one earlier this week. I accepted a friend who looked like she shared a lot of book stuff. She instantly sent me a PM with advertisements for her book promo service. Whatever.

    But THEN, before I could delete her, I got eight more (yes eight) friend requests. All from different people, some of whom have real author friends of mine as common friends. I clicked on one and saw that every single post she has ever made was sharing a post from a book promo page… wait, it’s the SAME book promo page as the first girl! All eight of these profiles had the original girl as a friend and some of them were friends with each other. I accepted them (for science!) so that I could see the mutual friends easily. Within an hour I had another ten, all with a couple of these people in common.

    I still don’t know if this is one or two insane people with a million accounts or one book promo page with a seriously dedicated street team. None of the others have contacted me yet, so I am just baffled. Regardless, I don’t think I’ll be advertising my book with her anytime soon.

    • Parajunkee

      Well they definitely have a network, lol. That is quite crazy.

  4. Lucy

    I don’t have a creeper. I always do a quick check to see if it is a new account or an established one. I did have an author ask to friend me and a month later asked to promote his book. I always assist on a straight contact from an author vs the bombardment of promotion companies. Since he wasn’t doing a blog tour, I asked him for a cover photo, book info, author picture, bio and an except from the book so that I could put together my own spotlight.

    He sent a cover picture (which is a picture of the Brooklyn Bridge like you would get on a post card). His story info was about two sentences long and told nothing what the story was about. His author photo was of him sleeping and his bio indicated he used to live in one town and now lives in a different one. His excerpt was two paragraphs and told nothing of the story. This was all the same info he already had on Goodreads and he had no website.

    When I asked for more info on the book, he indicated that he didn’t want to give too much away. Since I already promised, I posted what I had and let my blog readers know they should always look further into any Spotlights I post before purchasing a book.

    • Parajunkee

      That is so bizarre. You are better than me, I would have been like – well this isn’t a book. LOL

  5. Midnyte reader

    Sometimes I get those guys who request and yes…I always look to see how I know them, who are our mutual friends. If all I see is girls as their friends, I don’t friend them. Also, if all I see on their page is promotions and ads, I won’t friend them. I get those weird messages mostly on my blog…”Nice article. Happy to read. Very prevalent. (link).” 😛

    • Parajunkee

      Ugh, I hate those comments. But, they come mostly from spammers. These seem to be serious men looking for a hook-up which I don’t get.