There is a perfect size and fit for everything and of course – it is different for every single social media outlet. They couldn’t get together and have a meeting and say – “Hey why don’t we just go with a standard 600 x 400?” Nope. They gotta do fun crazy sized images.

This is where my graphic genius comes in.

I’ve put it all together in one fancy post, including templates for you to download and embrace as your own. Yeah, say thank you in the comments. 😀

**I chose Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest because they are the top 4 social media accounts. LinkeIn is #3, but I refuse to use that one because I just can’t do it. Data based eBiz article.

Twitter Image Sizes

Perfect your twitter posts and look.
The Perfect Social Media Image

Twitter Header
1500 x 500

Twitter Profile
400 x 400

Twitter Post
1024 x 512


Templates are .PSD files

Facebook Image Sizes

Perfect your facebook posts and look.

Facebook Header

Facebook Profile
160 x 160

Facebook Post
940 x 788


Templates are .PSD files

The Perfect Social Media Image for Facebook

Pinterest Image Sizes

Perfect your Pinterest graphics.
The Perfect Social Media Image
The Perfect Social Media Image

Pinterest Profile
165 x 165

Pinterest Post (small)
238 x 357

Pinterest Post
735 x 1102

Pinterest Cover Size
217 x 147

Tiny Thumbnails
51 x 51


Templates are .PSD files

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  1. ella z

    thank you! I always have problem with this size thing -_-