Q&A With Romantic Suspense Author Carla Cassidy on the 8-Part FBI Thriller TOUGH JUSTICE Plus FREE eBook!

Q: What did you love most about your TOUGH JUSTICE books?

A. For the TOUGH JUSTICE series, I had the daunting task of opening and closing the series. I wrote part 1, EXPOSED, and part 8, HUNTED. The heroine, Lara Grant, is an extremely complex character. She has tons of baggage that she carries with her and it was so much fun for me as an author to explore the many facets of her personality. She is strong, yet vulnerable. She shows confidence and yet struggles with insecurities. She was a fascinating character to write and by the time I finished the first episode I was in love with her.

Q. What made you want to participate in this particular serial project?

A. I love writing suspense and add in the opportunity to work with three great authors and a terrific team of editors and I was all in. I knew this would be a ground-breaking project for Harlequin and hopefully TOUGH JUSTICE won’t be the last of this kind of read.

Q. What was the most interesting fact you came across in your research?

A. I have visited New York City several times and lived there for about six months years and years ago. I love it there. To me there’s a thrum of energy in the very sidewalks that feeds me. However, not being a New Yorker, I researched many places in and around New York City. While I learned several interesting things in my research, the most fun fact was told to me by editor Susan Litman. The hot dogs served off street carts are called dirty water dogs.  Dirty water dogs? That sounds so appetizing!

Q. What did you do to get into the TOUGH JUSTICE mindset?

A. I arrested three people, broke up a bar brawl and interrogated my neighbor until he cried like a baby for a lawyer. Okay, I confess…none of that happened. Actually it was very easy for me to get into the mindset to write this series. The characters instantly begged for their stories to be told. The suspense elements jumped out at me and the writing flowed from there.

Q. What was it like to write with three other authors?

A. I’ve written lots of continuity books for Harlequin in the past so having other writers pick up a storyline was nothing new. What was new with this particular project was knowing that all of us were writing the same characters. We all stayed in touch through email to keep things consistent and they were all great to work with. The only difficult part was letting go. By the time I finished writing the first episode, I wanted to write them all!

Q. You’ve been an author for a long time. What are some of the myths people have about being a writer?

A. The biggest myth is probably that if you’re a published author you must be rich. While I have made a very comfortable living being a full time writer, I’m not spending time on a yacht or living in a mansion with dozens of maids.

Another myth is that since we work at home, it’s not like a real job. I don’t think most people realize the long hours and hard work it takes to write a book. I try to write at least eight hours a day and often longer.

Q. Who was your favorite character in the TOUGH JUSTICE series?

A. Lara Grant was definitely a favorite. The story is hers and she was such a fun challenge. However there were other characters that were also intriguing. Lara’s partner, Nick, is also a compelling character. And then there’s Moretti, the villain who wants nothing more than to take Lara down.

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Tough Justice: Exposed

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A new job. A new case. A new criminal…?

Special Agent Lara Grant will do anything to get her mark—until her last undercover case, infiltrating the notorious Moretti crime ring, forced her to get close to the top. Way. Too. Close… Now starting a new job in New York City, all Lara wants is to leave the ghosts of her past behind. Until a dramatic sniper attack leaves Lara’s face – and real name – all over the media. In the blink of an eye, her cover is blown, her identity exposed. Then a woman’s body is found, branded with the ritual Moretti tattoo. Someone knows who Lara is…and exactly how to make her pay…

Part 1 of 8 in a chilling, high-octane FBI thriller TOUGH JUSTICE from NYT bestselling author Carla Cassidy and Tyler Anne Snell, Carol Ericson and Gail Barrett.

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Carla loves danger…but only when it comes in the pages of a book. She’s been a professional cheerleader, a singer and dancer, but the best job she’s ever had is writing books for readers to enjoy. She’s had over 140 books published and has enough ideas for new books to keep her busy for years to come. Visit her website at www.carlacassidybooks.com


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