Dishing Junk: How to be Awesome on Facebook and Social Media

In the last week, my Facebook feed was full of these:

Facebook meme stupidity   These posts were ridiculously aggravating. But, everyone did one. Everyone laughed, it was like one big ironic shame fest. People posted these funny mocking images, and tittered in comments about how funny it was. It was one part mocking and two parts nonsensical, it was a Facebook perfect storm. Most of them were benign, but some of them were a jab at some of the more common practices on social media. And they always ended with Be Like This. If you’re like me, you don’t like to be likeanyone. And you especially don’t like being told to be like your moronic co-worker, Madison (see above), who has a tendency to hang out in the bathroom for forty-five minutes to avoid work. Let’s not be like Madison, be like you…and take glee in annoying your Facebook friends. Here are some tips.

Take it to the Next Level

Avoid the mundane and shoot for over-the-top. Why post that it’s raining? Go outside, lay on the ground and get an action shot. Don’t be a mundane.

Be Facebook Awesome

Avoid the Depressing

No matter how badly you are spiralling into your cookie dough, never post that! Make it cool and awesome. Never post that you are becoming a hermit and haven’t bathed or changed out of your PJs for three days. Post a random thought about mental illness (it’s cool to be mentally ill now) and how sometimes you just can’t face the onslaught of humanity. Receding to my safe place with my cat, my book and my favorite prescription of Xanex. You can even make it a political protest if you want to show your support of certain belief or anti-belief.  

Be Facebook Awesome

See! Pithy, political and cool.

Keep it Real

But no, keep it really fake. If you don’t have anything important to say, just post something fake. You don’t have to lie. Well, maybe little lies. Everyone lies on Facebook.

Be Facebook Awesome
Technically you do love your new pedicure, that just happens to not be your feet. Semantics.

Song Lyrics

If you don’t have anything to post – say it in a song. Find the coolest song ever (check the charts on iTunes) and post those lyrics. Make sure it’s not a meaningless song, those lyrics have to have some punch.

Be Facebook Awesome

Brag it Out

No one else is going to go to bat for you, you might as well just hit it and roll with it. Your life is awesome, you should let people know!

Be Facebook Awesome

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  1. Becca

    Why does everyone have to jump on every single bandwagon that comes across social media? It’s okay if this is totally in your zone and it’s your thing but I wish people wouldn’t do stuff just to be like everyone else or not left out. What are we in middle school? Let’s be ourselves already.

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