Between a Vamp and a Hard Place was a cute, fun paranormal read.  You’re not going to find anything new or groundbreaking in PNR Vampire lore here, but there’s a lot of humor in the story and I enjoyed the heroine and her BFF.  Although this is not my favorite Jessica Sims book, I enjoyed the time I spent reading it.

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Lindsey Hughes and her best friend Gemma have been besties almost their entire lives. They grew up in a State home together and now run an antique store.  They’re barely scraping by when a “friend” of Gemma’s offers them exclusive rights to the contents of an old, abandoned apartment in Venice.  Despite her misgivings, Lindsey agrees to go and try to recoup their savings.  What they find when they get there is more than their wildest dreams…

Rand FitzWulf has been a vampire for 200 years, plus the 600 years he’s been laying in a coffin, staked in the heart. When a beautiful woman wakes him up, he realizes someone tried to kill him and he vows revenge, but he’s going to need help navigating this new and confusing time he’s awakened in.

As Lindsey and Rand solve the puzzle of what happened to him, they are on their way to confronting a foe bigger than Lindsey could have imagined, and although she fixed Rand’s heart by pulling out the stake, as they spend more time together she’s losing hers.


By looking at the cover, I thought this book was part of the Midnight Liaisons series, but as soon as I read the blurb I realized it was not – Between a Vamp and a Hard Place is a standalone novel.  It was fun and sexy, but as I state in my PJV Quickie, nothing new in the vampire lore – holy water, garlic, and daytime are bad for the vamps, they’re able to use compulsion, and of course the heroine has ‘special’ blood.

What grabbed me with this book is the heroine’s sense of humor – she’s just plain funny. I found myself smiling a lot while reading Between a Vamp and a Hard Place. The hero’s difficulty adjusting to present day and the snarky comments Lindsey and Gemma give him are hysterical. I also felt like the pacing moved well and the story moved quickly.

There were one or two inconsistencies and a few spots that earned eye rolls, but overall it was nice to spend a few hours with these characters and  I’m looking forward to whatever Ms. Sims has planned next!

Fans of Molly Harper and Ashlyn Chase should give Between a Vamp and a Hard Place a try.  If you’re looking for a sexy paranormal romance and vamps are your catnip, this is one you won’t want to miss.

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I received this book for free from Publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Between A Vamp and a Hard Place by Jessica Sims

Between a Vamp and a Hard Place by Jessica Sims, Jill Myles

Published by Pocket Books on December 29, 2015
Genres: Adult, Paranormal Romance, Romance
Source: Publisher
Also by this author: The Virgin's Guide to Misbehaving, Wanted: Wild Thing, Playing Games
3.5 Stars

In the wickedly funny spirit of bestselling authors Kerrelyn Sparks and Molly Harper, this sexy paranormal romance features an estate broker and a 600-year-old vampire out for revenge.

Lindsey Hughes loves antiques and couldn’t be happier to make a living in the estate sale business. But when her assistant accidentally buys an entire estate without her approval, Lindsey is forced to clean up the mess herself.

Lindsey travels to the newly purchased, age-old house in Venice, Italy, and soon discovers more than she (never) bargained for. While digging through the hoarder’s trove that fills every floor, she finds a secret staircase behind a wall that leads to a strange coffin…with an even stranger inhabitant.

Vampire Rand FitzWulf has been in his coffin for 600 years. But now that he’s awake, he’s ravenous, and there’s a delicious-smelling woman with a rare blood type in his basement. Luckily, Lindsey has more to offer than blood: she agrees to travel throughout Europe with Rand to help him get revenge on the one who turned him. But as the unlikely pair grows closer, will the billionaire vampire be overtaken by his thirst for blood—or his thirst for love?