Day 12 is here – and we are almost done with the Blogger New Year’s Challenge! Egads – this has been rather crazy, I hope everyone has been enjoying it. Today we are sharing a 2015 blogging horror story. Not fun.

Challenge Deets:  The Book Blogger New Year’s Challenge will begin on January 1st and run 14 days. It is going to be fun, it is going to be easy and hopefully, it will get you motivated in 2016.  Each day I will post my own prompts and at the bottom I will add a link so you can add your posts. You can join whenever, you can do it and not even add your link. No rules here people, it’s just about having fun and starting a routine of blogging daily in 2016. Here are the topics:
Blogging New Year's Challenge


A Blogging Horror Story.

Not many of those lately. Just the usual, stolen graphics that is perpetual problem and unfortunately have gotten used to it. For some reason, a lot of people believe that they can just take whatever image they want and use it. Add their own text, add their own spin on it – or just crop it – and it’s THEIRS! Boom.

This is why they invented Google Images? Right? So you can use them like stock photography. </sarcasm>

It’s gotten so common of a thing that I don’t get mad anymore. It’s usually handled with a tweet or an email. Only every now and again does the thief get ugly. Usually, they are just embarrassed.

But, other than that – no drama. I’ve been relatively drama free TYVM. I like it that way. How have you been holding up?


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