Enough of the negative – let’s focus on the positive. Let’s talk about trends that I hope will be BIG in 2016.

Challenge Deets:  The Book Blogger New Year’s Challenge will begin on January 1st and run 14 days. It is going to be fun, it is going to be easy and hopefully, it will get you motivated in 2016.  Each day I will post my own prompts and at the bottom I will add a link so you can add your posts. You can join whenever, you can do it and not even add your link. No rules here people, it’s just about having fun and starting a routine of blogging daily in 2016. Here are the topics:

Blogging New Year's Challenge

 Day 8. Trends I Hope to See in 2016


A lot of marketing people are saying that the big money, affiliate links and sponsored content is on a downward spiral. As a book blogger we haven’t had a lot of push toward the sponsored posts and highly monetized content, but I do hope it translates into our arena with more focus on quality content and less on regurgitated content. I have noticed a reduction in blog tour responses, so I do think that bloggers are moving away from those sorts of posts and reaching out to authors for personalized experiences. Or so I hope.

I do think that a lot of bloggers are going to move from niche blogging, like just reviews on books, to branching out and incorporating a lot of their loves into one outlet. This should be fun and might open us up to new ideas, styles and hobbies. I know this started about two years ago – but it’s getting big now.

I think that bloggers are going to start selling more things. We saw an influx of blog tour companies a few years back and now everyone seems to be selling something, from selling beta reading services to blog designs. I think things might increase in 2016, but bloggers will become a little more savvy, with actual products. We will see, but I have a feeling that DIY book love will be a big thing for 2016.

Micro-posts will gain momentum in the book blogging platform. More images, less words. Posts will get shorter and the pretty will get bigger. I see a cut down in long winded reviews and an increase in creative posts. We will see, but I think people are not seeing a return on their reviews. They have to catch the attention of new readers, somehow.

An unfortunate trend that I think will only increase is the lack of comments. I do think it is going to get even worse. Readers will tend to comment on social media instead of on your actual blog. They will hit your social share buttons before they hit – leave a comment. We can try – but I really think it might be a sinking comment ship.

What trends do you think you’ll see in 2016?

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