7 Day Holiday Challenge - Day 3

On the third day of the 7 Day Holiday Blogging Challenge we share a holiday picture.

A favorite holiday picture.

If you want to join it doesn’t have to be a personal pic, maybe a picture to epitomizes what you would love to have for the holidays…just let us know how you feel this holiday season with a picture.

But, me– I’ll share a personal picture. This about epitomes what Christmas is about, the kids and family.


This is my dad reading The Cajun Night Before Christmas to his grandkids. We are missing one…but this is about what our Christmas eve looks like. We have to force them to sit down though – since they are dying to play with their toys. You see the boys clutching their new video games? LOL But once dad gets into the story they are hooked. I hope they appreciate it later. 

What is your favorite Christmas scene in a book?

Join in the fun. Write your own post and share the link below. I’m using the same linky list for the challenge, so we can keep them all in one. And visit and have fun. 😀