7 Day Holiday Challenge - Day 1

On the first day of the 7 Day Holiday Blogging Challenge we are discussing gifts that we are giving this year.

A Gift I am Giving.

If you came to my house, this is what my coffee table looks like:

Crafty Glitter Balls

Disregard the champagne glass currently holding my merlot. I broke all my wine glasses, that would make a great gift for me, by the way.

But, the point of this – is that I’m being all CRAFTY this year. I’m making personalized GLITTER BALLS.

Glitter Balls


Everyone is basically getting their own glitter ball to hang on their trees. And I feel like I’ve accomplished something. I’ve made a ton of these. I started making them for my kids holiday gift shop, then the kid wanted me to make them for all her teachers…and then my husband was like “idea!! Can you make my co-workers glitter balls.” And suddenly I’m drinking wine and making glitter balls every night.

It takes a little finesse too. You use floor wax, pour it into the glass ornaments, without getting the wax everywhere. I used this little pour thingy that I got with my floor steamer. You then swirl the wax around in the balls. Make sure it touches everything on the inside. Pour out the excess wax. (I poured it back into my pour cup) Then you pour the glitter into the ball and swirl that around. It’s a precise motion, to get the last bits around the rim, I placed my thumb over the whole and did a few quick shakes. Not too hard, it will disturb the glitter.

Simple, but time consuming. I hope everyone likes them.

What fun gifts are you giving this holiday season?

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