It’s been a really long time – but the PJV finally has a new theme. The new theme is Extra from Elegant Themes. There are a lot of new features in this theme you can see on the outside and a few more in the inside. The biggest “outside” feature is that I’m now using a magazine layout. You can also now rate each of my posts. It is a good way to say “nice post” without having to comment, kind of like a little cheat.

I’m still working on everything – there are a ton of features. I’m also using this as an excuse to change things up on With this writing thing, I haven’t been able to read as much as I would like, so reviews have gone way down. So, I’m going to try and integrateย more fun things on the blog and stop stressing myself out with reviews. There will still be reviews, just not two a week which was the norm. If you see something crazy – and you like it, let me know what you think. I don’t even think I’m restricting myself with literary. And now all you have to do is hit a star rating. Don’t like it 1-star me, love it 5-star it. I can take 1-stars, I’ve been dishing them out for years, if I can’t take it, right?



And, by the way, I have a developer’s license with Elegant themes – so if you need a new WordPress theme I can get it for you. Just email me.

New Features of

  • Posts sorted by highest rated in front page layout
  • New review scoring by percentages, we can now rate the books by any category we choose and it tallies it up for an overall percentage rate
  • Rate PJV posts by star ratings
  • Easy to search product area
  • New Featured images
  • Better related posts
  • Easier to find old posts
  • More blogging prompts, challenges etc.
  • More craziness
  • Not just literary posts!
  • More posts about writing
  • More tutorials

Let me know what you think!

Rate me or comment, I'll take 'em both.