My fourth book releases on the 22nd of this month…how about a little tease?

This excerpt contains explicit material, for 18+ years of age only. 

SHTF – A NOLA Zombie Prequel

About the Book: 

Title: SHTF
Series: NOLA Zombie #0.5
Author: Rachel Rivera writing as Gillian Zane
Genres: Post-Apocalyptic, Zombie, Horror
Pages: 135

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Setting up the scene:

This is from Chapter Four of SHTF. Romeo and Martinez went out on Friday night before Z hit and Romeo found himself a date, he can’t remember her name though – to him she’s just Red Dress. While they are engaged in what Romeo does best – they get a surprise visit from Red Dress’ roommate. Enjoy.

Exclusive Excerpt from SHTF

There was a terrible clatter from the front room and I paused and held back a little.

“Don’t stop!” she moaned. But, the clatter came again and this time it sounded like someone had fallen and knocked over furniture or something. This wasn’t just a random thing falling, someone was out there and making a lot noise, they might even be hurt. Was that someone moaning? She had said she had a roommate, but they hadn’t been home.

I pulled out of her and she groaned, complaining as I turned around to look behind me. We had left the door open and I could see into the front room from here. From my vantage point I could see someone in the front room, from what I could tell it was a woman, she was staggering around the room like she was drunk and it looked like she had knocked over a chair.

“What the hell?” Red Dress said, sitting up on the bed and turning around. We both got up from the bed and she moved in front of me and went to the door.

I grabbed for my underwear on the floor and slipped them on. Didn’t want to meet the drunk roommate with my dick hanging out.

“Eva–what the hell happened to you?” I heard Red Dress cry out. There was no answer.

“Eva!” Red Dress screamed and I moved quickly out of the bedroom and into the front room. The roommate was a petite blonde, dressed in workout clothes with her hair pulled back in a tight ponytail.  She was currently reaching and grabbing for Red Dress who was holding her at bay by her shoulders.

“What’s going on?” I asked.

“I don’t know, she’s gone crazy or something. Eva!” Eva’s skin was a gray color and her eyes were bloodshot and red-rimmed. Her lips were pulled back in a snarl and her teeth, bright white and capped, were chomping and trying to bite Red Dress.

I went behind the roommate and tried to pull her off, but she was stronger than she looked. I managed to yank her off of Red Dress and she fell to the floor, only to get up quickly and come after me.

“Fuck,” I cried out as she fell on me. Her breath stank of old meat and I had to resist the urge to gag. I pushed her hard and didn’t realize that Red Dress was standing over us trying to yank on Eva too. They both clattered to the ground, bringing a side-table with them, a glass lamp smashed on the tile floor and shattered.

I scrambled to my feet, not liking that both women had gone eerily quiet.

What I saw nearly unhinged me. Red Dress had fallen wrong, her head was at an unnatural angle on the floor, her eyes were sightless. But, that wasn’t all. Eva, the roommate, was ripping at Red Dress, yanking at her flesh and leaning down and taking bites of her. Those perfectly capped teeth gnashed and tore at the flesh of her friend. Chunks of meat came loose from Red Dress and Eva swallowed them down like they were pieces of sushi.

SHTF Releases Dec. 22nd

An action-packed prequel to the Amazon bestselling NOLA Zombie series. This isn’t a romance…there aren’t any happily-ever-afters, this is just Romeo’s fight for survival and how he became a NOLA Survivor. 

It’s Friday night in New Orleans and Tim “Romeo” Voiter has the night off. A night of rest and relaxation is something new for the former Marine, and he’s looking forward to enjoying a fun night out with his buddy, Lucas Martinez. The two men try to ignore the emergency broadcasts and news about the spreading iKPV virus and just enjoy the evening. Romeo, true to his name, even hooks up with a hot redhead and plans on ending the evening at her place.

Plans come crashing down, though, as he comes face to face with what the iKPV infected really looks like-and it is not like any infection he’s encountered before. Knowing the media is sugarcoating the virus and things are about to get a lot worse in his city, Romeo talks his family into leaving their urban home and bugging out to a more secluded and secure area; the compound his employers own at the edge of the city, deep in the marsh that surrounds New Orleans. But, as the infection spreads an