Happy Cyber Monday Week! Get out those credit cards and get shopping peeps. We could care less about Black Friday, cause who wants to run around in the mall with actual people?? Not me. But, I love me some online shopping, ‘specially when you get some great deals!

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A Pretty Framed Quote

Great Gifts for Book Lovers

A Literary Quote: A beautiful literary quote is timeless. it shows off a person’s love of the written word and adds a beautiful piece of art to the home. In a nice frame this is something you can create yourself or buy online.

A Kindle


An eReader: Just cut to the chase and go straight for their heart with an eReader. Today Amazon has some crazy deals on their Paperwhites, Kindle Fires and bundle items for kids and adults.  I scooped up the $50 fire Saturday for $30. It might go on sale again today! Makes for a great gift! 

A Subscription Box

Subscription Box

A BookLovers Subscription Box: Subscription boxes are like a wonderful gift in the mail every month! Buy them for yourself or for your favorite person. Either way, it’s a wonderful and thoughtful gift. I recently received the one showed above from Bubbles and Books. It was perfect! I love to take a bath and I love to even read in the bath, this subscription box combines those two loves. There are also other subscriptions boxes that target specific hobbies, genres etc. But, if you want Bubbles and Books – use my special promo code and get 25% off – PARAJUNKIE25

Fun Magnetic Bookends

Screen Shot 2015-12-02 at 10.04.41 AM

A Magnetic Bookend: I love these bookends! I’m partial to the above Katana one, but they have a few styles, I also like the arrow one. They run about $20 so it’s also a very affordable gift.

Banned Books Socks



Literary Socks: A fun and different literary treat for your favorite book lover! These are also affordable so you can get a pair of socks and put it in a fun gift box.

Pride & Prejudice Scarf

Screen Shot 2015-12-02 at 10.13.43 AM

Infinity Scarf: This was my favorite of the large amount of P&P quotes scarves – I like the typography. They run from about $25 to $50. I think this would make a beautiful gift to your favorite book lover.