Thankful Blog Challenge

This week is all about giving thanks, we give thanks for our family and our friends and for the wonderful blessings that are in our life. Whether you thank God, or just offer up a thank you to the universe for what has been given to you, Thanksgiving is a wonderful celebration and time to reflect on what is good with your life and the world around you. Sometimes we get stuck in the negativity, mired down in the terrible images on the news, we forget what a wonderful and beautiful world we have around us. It might not be BIG, it just might be the fact that you managed to get out of bed this morning and feel good. Just take the time this week to appreciate that. If you would like to share with me, I would love the company. If not, I’m just thankful that you took the time to read this. Much love. – Rach

  •  Day 1:   People, places or things…what are you thankful for?
  • Day 2:  Post wonderful things that have happened to you and you are thankful for.
  • Day 3:   Take the time to thank people that have inspired or helped you in your life.
  • Day 4:  Post an image that celebrates your wonderful Thanksgiving day.

Things that have happened to me this year that I’m thankful for:

It’s been a crazy year, like anything, there have been good things and bad things. But, I have to say the good things outweigh the bad things. Which I’m very thankful for. Mostly, I’ve been ridiculously busy. I’ve taken on a board position at my child’s school, so that has eaten up most of my time, but it has been a good thing and I feel like I’m making an impact. Raising money machine. And I’m getting a lot of good feedback from that, so I’m very thankful for that.

Another big thing that has happened this year, I finally published a book, three actually, under the pseudonym Gillian Zane. And I’m EXTREMELY thankful for the support I have gotten from the blogging community and my online buddies, and my readers. It’s been amazing and crazy. I also managed to snag an agent – which blows my mind. So, another thankful moment.

I also managed to finally get my grandmother’s book published, that was ten years in the works, she started putting it together right after Hurricane Katrina – and has been getting the whole family to do it for her, ever since. So, that is done, my grandmother is an author and has a book that is getting a bit of recognition in the New Orleans area. Fun, right? She thinks she is a rockstar.

Speaking of rockstars, my daughter is also proving to be quite a little star. This year we’ve put her into Voice lessons and her confidence has skyrocketed. She was having issues with self-confidence last year, which is hard to watch your happy little girl get scared over easy “life” things. But, with learning how to be on stage and the positive affirmation she gets when she sings, her confidence is growing and growing. Which is beautiful to see, my husband and I are truly blessed to have a wonderful child. She’s also gotten on the honor roll for every quarter, along with a “outstanding” award that is given to the children that go out of their way to be helpful. 😀

A lot of things have happened this year and there is a lot to be thankful for. It’s been amazing and sometimes crazy, but overall I can’t complain.