Thankful Blog Challenge

This week is all about giving thanks, we give thanks for our family and our friends and for the wonderful blessings that are in our life. Whether you thank God, or just offer up a thank you to the universe for what has been given to you, Thanksgiving is a wonderful celebration and time to reflect on what is good with your life and the world around you. Sometimes we get stuck in the negativity, mired down in the terrible images on the news, we forget what a wonderful and beautiful world we have around us. It might not be BIG, it just might be the fact that you managed to get out of bed this morning and feel good. Just take the time this week to appreciate that. If you would like to share with me, I would love the company. If not, I’m just thankful that you took the time to read this. Much love.

– Rach

Day 1:  
People, places or things…what are you thankful for?
Day 2: 
Post wonderful things that have happened to you and you are thankful for.  Day 3:  
Take the time to thank people that have inspired or helped you in your life.
Day 4: 
Post an image that celebrates your wonderful Thanksgiving day.

People, places or things…what are you thankful for?

Today I am thankful that my house is warm, because it is awfully chilly in New Orleans this week. I’m thankful that I get a bit of time off this week from running around being a “mom chauffeur.” I’m thankful that Winn-Dixie had a $5 turkey sale. Winn-Dixie, you’ve made this girl very happy…okay now for the real stuff. I’m thankful for my family, who have been supportive and kind and all-together awesome my entire life. I couldn’t have asked to be born into a better group of people and for the ones that married in – or just came along for the ride – you’re just as wonderful and I am just as grateful.

I’m thankful for my friends, I don’t have a HUGE amount, but I’m picky. And the ones that stick around and deal with my bullshit, well they are wonderful. I’m thankful for the friends I’ve met blogging, who surprise me all the time. You never quite understand the connection you can make with an online person – until you finally meet them in real life and just start talking and realize – damn, this is special. I’m thankful for the real friendships I’ve made through this blogging and writing thing….my list has gotten so huge, it surprises even me! Patti, Sabrina, Zoey, Mandy, Rachel..thank you for everything you do.

I’m thankful for this year’s success in writing. I can’t believe I actually did it – and then on top of that – I can’t believe it’s actually semi-successful. I expected for it to just kind of sit out there…but people are actually reading my books. That’s crazy and I’m thankful for all the people that have read them, all the ones that have taken the time to review them, both positive and negative, if it sparked emotion and prompted you to write about it – I’m all for it.

And finally, I know I’m missing a few things, but I’m really the most thankful for health and happiness in my little circle. Right now everyone is doing great, my little family (all 50+ of them) – we are expecting THREE babies! Three! Isn’t that wonderful?? My brothers are both doing great and the one that is deployed overseas isn’t anywhere near the Middle East. The little things. My little girl is blowing me away, she’s taking voice lessons and is getting picked to sing in plays. She does it like a boss, too! I don’t know where she gets the nerve, only eight and making the audience cry with her sweet little voice. I couldn’t be a more thankful mom.

I’m going to leave it here, because now I’m all weepy. I hope you have a wonderful day and share your gratitude with those that make your life more positive. If you would like to join in on the Thankful Postings just leave your link and I’ll stop by and visit. Thank you for reading and enjoying.