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The tides have changed…have you noticed it? Have you noticed that all those link clicks you were getting from twitter are dwindling and link clicks from Facebook are shooting up? Just two years ago I would have swore that Facebook was a useless promotional tool. No matter how much I posted, no matter “active” I was on Facebook, I would only get just a few clicks. With over 3K likes on my fan page – my posts would be seen by 13 people.

But, something changed. Facebook started messing with its algorithm, I started paying more attention to when I posted and what I posted and suddenly I started to get a 2K+ reach- on like SOME posts. That was a big WHOAH moment for me. Considering that I was averaging a 50 reach.

Now I’m averaging about a 500 reach. So technically I can say I increased my Facebook reach 1000%!!!

And, the crazy thing is, Facebook has changed its algorithm, yet again, to show FEWER promotional posts (organic – not paid) and more just “regular” posts. This is so they sell more advertising. Works for them, but as a blogger, your promo post reach goes down the toilet.

So, this is what I did, and how you can make it work for you:

Top Ten Book Review

Never just post a link. Start a conversation. When promoting your post, post on Facebook as a statement or story, ask a question, use a dynamic image.

For example posting like this always gets a lot more attention then just a straight “Buy my Zombie book!” with links:

NOLA Zombie

Post much more than just promotional posts. Share videos, funny pictures and anything else that is relevant to the topic you want to focus on. If you become a source of entertainment and you get more likes on your posts, people will more likely to pay attention to your posts.

Top Ten Book Review
Top Ten Book Review

If you notice something “worked” do it again! Relevant content and topics that speak to your readers is hard to figure out. When you finally find that unicorn, make note of it!

It worked!

Recruit help! Authors want to promote their content, you want to get more likes and views. Offer authors chances to promote their content with take-overs, or Facebook only giveaways of their books etc. This will have them promoting your page and drawing in their readers. They get exposure to your audience. Both win.

Top Ten Book Review
Pimp your books
Top Ten Book Review

Step off of the Fan Page. Host events or “Facebook Parties” for your blog features. When you have an event and invite your friends and followers they get a notification every time you post to the event page. This is great marketing! Attach a giveaway to the party with an incentive to “invite” friends for added entries and you can get more captive audiences.

Facebook Events!

Keep it current. If there is something going on in the world, post it. You don’t have to state your opinion, you don’t even have to say anything. Sometimes an image is all it takes. You want your page to be current, show that there is a “real” person behind it and that this person is worth following.

All you have to do is share something beautiful…

Top Ten Book Review
Top Ten Book Review

Go for funny. Funny works. Funny videos even more. If you are without anything to post, just scroll through your own timeline, when you LOL – share it on your page. It doesn’t have to be about your topic all the time – sometimes you might want to just entertain.

Funny Facebook Posts

Now I told you what to do, here are a few things to avoid:

  • Post Title + Link via WordPress or Blogger social plugin
  • Buy My Product / Click My Link Post
  • Posts that look like an Ad
  • Post inflammatory or discriminating photos or opinions
Top Ten Book Review

Are you on Facebook? Do you find it works for you?