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How to Stay Sane by Being Politically "Right"
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It’s that time again! Time for you to log onto Facebook and be inundated with passive aggressive comments on your posts regarding your affiliations or outright attacks against your beliefs and ideas. Don’t let that get you down, go on the defensive! Let’s get real…and maybe convert some of your social media followers along the way.

Here are some tips to “fighting the good fight” in the political social media arena:

Warning! This is a satire piece and meant to be funny, but make a point. The images and opinions reflected in this post are depicted to show the extreme beliefs of some people and are not held by Parajunkee’s View. 

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Don’t bother with research. Most things on social media have been fact-checked, just re-post and sit back and watch their reactions.

False Information

Comment, comment! If you see a political post in opposition of yours – comment and let them know where you stand! The longer the better! The rantier the better! Let them know how you feel in minute detail.

Top Ten Book Review
Top Ten Book Review

Go for insulting humor! People like to laugh, especially when they get to laugh at something they think is “stupid.”

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Unfriend the people that don’t “believe” what you believe. You don’t need those kind of people in your life. Let them know before you let them go though! A cute graphic in the comment section of one of their dumb posts should do the trick.

Unfriend You!
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Top Ten Book Review

Search out forums that are specifically for political beliefs that you oppose, troll them like a boss!

Don’t forget to hit below the belt. When going for a knock-out political punch the best thing to do is hit hard and maybe a little unfair. If they have your opposing viewpoint do you want them to like you anyway??

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Top Ten Book Review

If you can’t adequately find a good argument against a follower or friend’s political view, just throw out a nice insult…or general hate statement to get them off your back.

…and always remember. 

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