Today is the day that Marty McFly went to the future. October 21, 2015. Way back in 1989 this was the FUTURE! The movie predicted a lot of things, like hoverboards and trash cans that follow you around and declare you a “litterbug,” some things they actually got right…well maybe one thing, video calling, but the majority of them we’re still waiting for.

Here are a few things Science Fiction predicted about the future that we need now!

Clean Energy

Let’s go first to the film that inspired this post, BACK TO THE FUTURE. Who needs things like gas when we can have a Mr. Fusion? Convert our trash into clean energy.

future technology

Particle Beams  & Teleportation

Star Trek sold us on human teleportation and so did authors like Stephen King. We need this, it would make life so easier, but scientist are poo-pooing all over this idea.


Spaceship Home

Authors like Robert Heinlein, Orson Scott Card and Arthur C. Clarke had me all excited about spaceships that would act as our homes as we traversed the galaxy. The future awaits as families embark on a trip that they won’t ever reach the end…but their grandchildren will. Make a home for your future generation by spending your life on a cruise ship.


Exoskeleton or Wearable Bionic Suit

From the wearable tech suits of Heinlein’s Starship Troopers to “quick dry” clothes of Back to the Future. I’m personally holding out for the super bionic suit that I’ve read about in a few Young Adult novels, like ones from Scott Westerfield.



The Time Machine & Alternate Universes

I’m still waiting for time machines to be invented, which should make our world go a little crazy. H.G. Wells wowed me with tales of past and future and tv shows like SLIDERS had me dreaming of alternate universes. When are we getting this tech??


My Personal Robot

I can’t afford a housekeeper, but I might be able to save up my cash and buy a “Rosey.” A very expanded idea in the science fiction universe, robots have been bad…good and sometimes in pursuit of being human. I just want one to fold my laundry. Is that selfish?



What science fiction technologies are you waiting to be invented?