Book Nerds are the best celebrators of that quirky holiday of Halloween. We love it. We embrace it. We live it. What better way to celebrate the holiday by dressing up with a literary theme.

MOaning Myrtle

Dress as Moaning Myrtle! This costume is great and I would love to do this! Source.

Viola Swamp

If I was a teacher THIS is what I would do!!! Yes! Viola Swamp for the win. Source.

Twilight Costume

Don’t bother with the character – just dress up as the book! This one is very clever with the hands.  Source


Book Fairy costumes are very popular in the Librarian crowd. I love this one and she shows how she made it. Source


Very easy to achieve, the Katniss costume just requires a bow and some clothes from your closet. Spice it up with the Mockingjay pin and you are gold! They are selling this one, but you can get this anywhere. Source


More DIY costumes in your costume! Nick and Amy Dunne from GONE GIRL would be an epic costume for a couple. Source


Another Great DIY costume, Marla Singer from FIGHT CLUB. And even better – people will recognize from the movie, so you don’t have to explain. Source


Another Easy to Achieve image – Arthur Dent from The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. This is the image from the movie, but how easy would this be to do?