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Alexis' Story is now complete...

Book Three in the NOLA Zombie series is LIVE!

This might be a little weird to some people. I’m interviewing myself. But, and this might be different for other authors that use pen names – my pen name has almost become a new “personality” within myself. Please don’t break out the straight-jackets and lock me away for a multiple-personality disorder. The only way I can describe it, is if you are a mom and you go to your kids school and put on your “kid friendly personality” and then say you are a bartender and serve drinks and you put on your “flirty” personality. Well, Gillian Zane is the zombie writer/prepper personality shoved into me. Because on top of Gillian, there is also the Parajunkee personality which is the crazy book reader and blogger, then there is Rachel, the PTA President and non-stop volunteer personality, and then there is Rachel The Great – which is the secret personality that only comes out to annoy my husband. So, think of this as the Parajunkee personality interviewing the Gillian Zane personality. I apologize in advance.

PJ: So….your book came out today. What’s it about?

Gillian: Zombies.

PJ: That’s all? Just zombies running around? Are they nice zombies?

Gillian: No, they are hungry, flesh-eaters.

PJ: And these zombies, they’re the main characters…work with me here, please?

Gillian: Oh, yeah…no not really. They are just trying to eat the main characters, well sometimes. This is the third book, so they’ve really gotten into full-zombie-apocalypse mode. The main character of the first two books, Alexis–well she’s not just facing zombies in this book. There is a crazy ex-wife of her, sort of, maybe boyfriend. Then there are some rednecks…who will do anything to survive, including kidnap women. And don’t even get me started about the biker gang… PJ: That’s more like it. So, an ex-wife, rednecks and a biker gang…and a sort of boyfriend, sounds like there is a lot more than just zombies.

Gillian: Well, these series get complicated. You start with one zombie and it turns into a horde, the next thing you know you’re on a boat with a hot guy and you’re faced with your impending death…so you decide to throw all care to the wind and get it on.

PJ: I can imagine! Okay, so there is also a boat and a hot guy and some sex?

Gillian: That was the first book. Now there are two hot guys.

PJ: Two hot guys. Gotcha, those love-triangles sure are the “in” thing to write.

Gillian: I wouldn’t call it a triangle – more like a love circle. Just look at the cover! You’ll get the idea.

PJ: Oh, I see. So, you took the triangle to a new level? What inspired this?

Gillian: Well, to put it bluntly, I was reading a book with a love triangle and thought to myself, “this would be so better if they just put all their insecurities away and all jumped into bed together.”

PJ: I have to admit, that sounds reasonable.

Gillian: I know, right? It’s the apocalypse, old rules don’t apply. Different family dynamics will arise, the female to male ratio is seriously in question. It’s pure logic that our definition of “normal” will be thrown out the window. Why not two men? Why not bigger families, or co-families where multiple women help to raise the children while the men protect them or vice versa? If esomething like a zombie apocalypse or other crazy end of the world scenario were to happen I think “love” and “family” will take on very different dynamics based off of better chances of survival and propagation of the species.

PJ: I like this apocalypse. So, during all this propagation of the species…they’re also trying to avoid zombies? And rednecks? And biker gangs?

Gillian: Well, those things do get in the way of the “propagation.”

PJ: Bummer.

Gillian: You can say that again.

PJ: Bummer. So…back on track. Zombies. Sex. Hot guys. Bikers. Rednecks. Anything else?

Gillian: Oh, it’s set in New Orleans…

PJ: Good choice.

Gillian: I know, right?

PJ: We’re so alike, it’s scary.

Gillian: You’re taking this a bit too far.

PJ: Oh, yeah…sorry. So, about the book…this is the third one. Can a reader start here?

Gillian: They can, but they would be confused. I would start with RUN.

PJ: *rolls eyes* And…is this the final book? I know you have an obsession with cliffhangers and driving your readers insane.

Gillian: This wraps up Alexis’ books. There is a fourth book, but it will feature a secondary character in this set, Baby. There is no cliffhanger in LIVE. There are a few story arcs that are left open…but they will be resolved in JUSTICE. The fourth book.

PJ: Baby! She’s a favorite. Is it going to have a romance? Who’s she hooking up with?

Gillian: There will be a romance, everyone needs their HEA, right?

PJ: Yup. Especially in the zombie apocalypse. So, c’mon dish, who’s the male character?

Gillian: His name is Rebel.

PJ: Rebel?? He’s new?

Gillian: He’s “mentioned” in LIVE briefly…he’s a biker.

PJ: A Biker? You mean a member of the Biker gang that has taken over Lakeview and is involved in a sex-trafficking ring and drugs? That biker gang.

Gillian: Yep.

PJ: Well, this should be weird.

Gillian: Yep.

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It’s NOLA Zombie Time! Parajunkee interviews herself…as her pen name…

LIVE by Gillian Zane

Series: NOLA Zombie #3
Published by Parajunkee Publishing on October 13, 2015
Genres: Adult, Apocalypse, Paranormal Romance, Zombie
Source: Creative Inspiration
Also in this series: Live
Also by this author: Live, Liar
5 Stars

LIVE | The Third and Final Book in the best-selling NOLA Zombie series by Gillian Zane.

Alexis, Blake and Zach survived the zombie apocalypse but found a new enemy to fight.

Alexis has been taken and Zach and Blake are desperate to find her. The men are pretty certain they know who took Alexis, but finding them will be a daunting task. There are millions of places to hide in the swamps of Southern Louisiana but Zach and Blake will not stop until they’ve searched every one of them. Alexis will be returned to them if it’s the last thing they do. Falling back on their military training, the men have no choice but to succeed, or risk losing Alexis forever.

It’s a race against the clock…

The problem is that the group that took Alexis didn’t keep her. They sold her. She’s now the property of the Southern Clan, a fate worse than death. The undead still roam the streets of New Orleans. S-Island mourns the loss of one of its own and the NOLA Zombie series comes to a stunning conclusion. You don’t want to miss a second of this action-packed series ender…

Be warned, there will be monsters, living and dead, there will be very intense sex scenes, between two men and one woman, and there will be violence galore.

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