Last time we did bad books, this time we’re going gray matter.

The Naughty Bits that we love to hate.

The Cliches we obsess over but know are overused.

The silly vocab that we giggle over but still think is titillating…

Enjoy your BAD romances a little bit more – turn that frown upside down and make reading those bad romance books, stuffed full of cliches and fun vocab, nice and fun again! Get excited over finding a stereotypical character! Rejoice when TURGIN STEEL MEMBER COVERED IN VELVET is used to describe a penis! You just got a BINGO! That bad romance that was titillating, yet a little silly…is now your way of winning the game. Read on my book addicts…read on.

Bad Book Bingo

How to Play:

  1. When you find one of these “issues” within a book, mark it down
  2. If you mark off a verticle row of FIVE–BINGO, if you mark off a horizontal row of five–BINGO! Even a diagonal row of five will get you BINGO!
  3. If you get BINGO you can come back and let us know in comments. But, you don’t have to. You can post about it on your blog if you want. I’ll include a blank numbered area that you can copy and paste and fill in the book that landed you the bingo.

Explanation of Bingo Items:

  1. Fated Mates – Those two people that are fated to be together, usually found within paranormal romances / shifters etc.
  2. Spear – Term used to describe a penis
  3. Weird Eye Color – Violet, Turquoise, Grey, etc.
  4. Portal -Term used to describe a vagina
  5.  Stupid Terms of Endearment – Little One, Tiny Dance, Love Bunny etc.
  6. Need That Vibrates – Do needs really vibrate??
  7. Marathon Sex – the couple has sex for 10+ hours, really?
  8. The Male Whore – The man that was a total slut until he met the woman.
  9. Sword – Term used to describe a penis
  10. Petals – Term used to describe a vagina
  11. The Virgin – Ever met a twenty-five-year-old virgin that wasn’t a nun? I did but she was really unhappy…
  12. Wet Heat – Term used to describe a vagina
  13. Member – Term used to describe a penis
  14. Everyone Wants the Heroine – The friend wants her, the co-worker, the hero, the hero’s best buddy…the post man etc.
  15. Steel over Velvet -Term used to describe a HARD penis
  16. Penis Impalement – She just got impaled – that is not sexy…okay maybe a little.
  17. Rape That Turns Fun – Oh no don’t rape me – oh wait that feels good.
  18. Explosive Orgasms – Her head just exploded.
  19. Turgid -Term used to describe the hardness of a penis
  20. The 1st Orgasm – The heroine has been with a few guys in the past but has never had an orgasm
  21. The Evil Ex – The ex of our hero is a psycho bitch and will stop at nothing to get her man back, will even attack/kill the heroine
  22. Rigid – Term used to describe a penis
  23. Glistening – Term used to describe a vagina
  24. The Billionaire – The rich hero
  25. To the Hilt – buried all up in there!

I hope you enjoy the game! Romance terms are fun and almost impossible to escape when reading the genre. Some are ridiculous and others can be fun to read. This is meant to be a fun game to pass the time and make reading some of these cliches a little more entertaining. It can also help you when reviewing to come up with reasons the book seems similar to others in the genre.  I didn’t hold back either – if you read my romances you’ll even find a few of these in there, including the Evil Ex or an Explosive Orgasm. Have fun and let me know if you get a bingo!