Dishing Junk: How to get away with plagiarizing your reviews & posts.

Dishing Junk: How to get away with plagiarizing your reviews & posts.

Everyone is busy, we have a life, we have things to do, we have television shows to catch up on. I mean, my DVR is full–and there is just not enough hours in the day to get things done. Then I have this TBR stack that I need to get through and half of the books, I have no intention of reading. I tried, but I am just not in the mood. I promised the author or the publisher, though, so what do I do?

And on top of that, I want to post a ton of reviews, get my name out there, start gaining momentum…start getting my feet wet in this crazy book blogging world. More books reviewed means more books, even if I never even bought or received that book, I want to review it! It’s a hot book. Hot books mean more people will read my review.

What do I do? How do I solve all these problems?

Easy, I just go to Goodreads or Amazon or a favorite blog – and I just sort of copy their reviews. It’s not stealing, it’s kind of like tidying up what they already said…right? 

The first step in not getting caught, is of course to not plagiarise anything…but if you are going to do it, change up words, grab a thesaurus and check for main words. For example:

“This book was amazeballs!”

Replace amazeballs with flabbernuts

Don’t steal…er copy stuff from big names and heavy hitters. This one should be obvious, there are some big name bloggers out there that have a lot of followers, one tweet from them and you’ll be RUINED. In fact, they are DYING to tweet out that they’ve discovered plagiarism. They are just sitting there….waiting…watching. Once they tweet it out clicks start flying, everyone and their grandmother loves to BUST plagiarism.

These bloggers think that someone that plagiarizes another blogger’s work is worse than drowning baby kittens…worse than peeing on sleeping homeless people….worse than…well you get the picture. Don’t go anywhere near these bloggers. They want ratings and clicks so they are going to be on the hunt. And you are the PREY!!!!


Back-date your review. So easy, right? Don’t post these reviews on Goodreads or Amazon where you can’t manipulate the date, but on your blog you can. Date it BEFORE the other blogger’s review so you can say it was yours first. Sneaky, right? Make sure that permalink changes too, wouldn’t want to get busted for something stupid like that.


Play dumb. It was just a coincidence! How many ways can you say “this book was amazing and was about a character with a big nose?” Not many ways–freak universe alignment. It was just an accident!


And finally, deflect and defame. You’re lying your butt off anyway, why not take it a step further. Come up with a whole fake person! It’s your co-blogger, Susie. “Susie is such an asshat! She was the one plagiarising, I had no idea what she was doing!”

Susie’s social media accounts look kind of flat like they are fake–well that is because she’s an evil plagiariser. They are so 2D anyway. In the future there will be no more Susie. Oh, meet my new co-blogger, Amy. 

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  1. AnneBennett

    Ha-ha. I had a good laugh over this one. Honestly I do sometimes quote other bloggers because I love the way they said something …but I give them credit for their own words.

  2. Kayl Hughes

    This was really amusing to read! I can’t believe some people are so concerned with getting page views and clicks. Like I’m just here to share my passion with others.

  3. Heather Duff

    I’m so glad taking the time to put my reviews on Amazon and Goodreads (and NetGalley) is worth the time.

    I love reading other reviews, it is what gives me the need to read or stay away from a book, I don’t understand why people go to the bother of setting up websites and social media etc and then copy someone elses work. Idiots.

  4. Julie the Hippie

    I always just post the link to my review in Goodreads. Looks like I was doing something smart and didn’t even know it. lol

  5. Zirev

    I never thought posting reviews on Goodreads or Amazon will actually help you in keeping off plagiarizers (because of the date stamp you mentioned).

    You should write a post about ways to protect your book review content. Mention this posting in goodreads and amazon as one helpful way.
    Thank you for this.

    On 2011, I run this website (not about books) which used to have a daily unique visit of 1K+. For some reason, there’s this indonesian who managed to copy the entire content of my website. As it turns out, there’s something about my RSS that can be easily hacked. He/she didn’t even bother to host the images used in my site. I should have used that tool to make something like if my photos aren’t showing in my own website, then the other website will be redirected to my own website. Too bad, I didn’t have technical know-how to do it. The tool itself and hiring professionals are quite expensive. The thing is, I just let it be. I no longer posted on it since. I no longer enjoy it anyway. I just focus on my book blog now.

  6. AJ Sterkel

    Lol, I only recently discovered that people steal reviews. I never would have thought of stealing one because I actually enjoy writing them. 🙂

  7. nordie@writing about books

    You are so naughty! I hate to think that people will be reading this straight and not reading the subtext (DONT DO IT!!!!!!). Nice clickbait though.

    I will read other people’s posts, may even re-use a sentence (How many ways can you say “this is a romance about x and y” – ok possibly a few but you get my drift. If you try and say the same thing in the same language at some point you’re going to say it the same way as someone else).

    I’ve put enough effort into my own reviews for people – I hope – to know I have a track record of writing my own stuff, without resorting to taking credit for the work of others.

    The first time I used Grammarly, it essentially screamed at me that I had plagiarised someone else’s post – until I realised it was a post I had published a few hours before……so I was copying myself!

    Now: Reblogging. Discuss

  8. Elizabeth the Evil Overlord

    Hysterical! I can’t wait to read the comments of people who think you’re actually giving instructions!

  9. Rachel

    LOL… kind of. The whole theft of reviews thing is still too touchy of an issue for me to really laugh about. I got that very same excuse that it was a co-blogger and the blogger I was dealing with knew NOTHING of it. Of course that blogger turned out to be the main one doing it, then went cray cray when I discovered how deep the plagiarism went. Yeah. That excuse DOES NOT WORK.

    I had someone go so far as to back date a review on a Word doc to say they didn’t plagiarize mine even though they posted theirs after ON THE SAME TOUR I WAS ON. But, guess what you can change the clock on your computer and date your Word documents for the 1800s. Yeah you could have written that review before the interwebs, before computers, before your great-great-great grandmother was born.

    The excuses are plenty – I’m not sure how I ended up copy/pasting from Amazon and it ended up in my review. I’m not sure how I reworked the synopsis plus a portion of your review and 10 other bloggers. My blog was hacked. My email was hacked.

    But lol I am so going to backdate this post on my blog, just making it less snarky, with way less cool graphics. And I’m going to use it for my very original feature that I created in 1992 calling “Serving Up Rubbish!” Thanks for the tips! 🙂

  10. Lucy Dosch @

    Ouch. That didn’t go well. Silly me for never thinking about stealing reviews from someone who writes better.

    Hey–what are you posting tomorrow? I, umm, covered that this morning and I…agreed with you. Totally.

  11. Melanie Simmons

    Thanks, I’ll keep these ideas in mind when I’m writing my next review. LOL


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