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Since I glimpsed that first sexy vampire…I’ve been hooked. I remember it clearly. I was twelve or eleven and my neighbor rented THE LOST BOYS. We weren’t supposed to watch it. It was my first Rated R movie. We watched it five times that night. It had more to do with her crush on Corey Haim than anything, but I was hooked on the hottest vampire with a mullet EVER. He scared the crap out of me and made me feel weird in a new way all in one moment. Holy crap. Who needs a boy like Corey Haim (at the time) when I could focus on the blond vampire?

Obsession Created.

Even though I didn’t think I had started an obsession. A couple of years later…and a vampire Lestat that obsession was cemented.

Vampires weren’t supposed to be sexy, they weren’t supposed to be the stuff of Romance. Vampires have been around since the beginning of time since Adam and Eve to be precise. Adam’s first wife Lilith is believed to be the first vampire. Forced to walk the Earth and feed off of the blood of humans because of her disobedience. Her crime was that she didn’t obey her man. The name Lilith actually translates to “night monster” or “night hag” and was considered to be the first demon. Oh, she also got it on with an archangel instead of Adam which makes the story even better…

That right there is evidence that vampires are awesome. 

But, Lilith was vilified. She was given status as the King of the Demons, Queen. She birthed a whole race of demonic offspring and her goal was total chaos. She was blamed for disasters, disease and women being sterile. She is literally attributed to death. Later on, in the middle ages, the story of Lilith was not widely spread…but vampires or demons that subsist on blood still held court in the minds of the people. Their tales can be read in EVER culture, on every continent. They were mostly blamed for the death of infants, for plague and for mysterious disappearances. Vampires of the past were more like zombies than the striking, pale skinned, immortal, sex-gods of today.

It wasn’t until the 19th century and a book by Bram Stoker that vampires were given personality, charm, and sex appeal. Scary yes, but they possessed the ability to seduce. Vampires were incarnations of human, Dracula had the ability to blend into society, was even respected because of his title and land. He became the stereotypical rich, bad-boy.


It took decades later for writers to translate that emerging seductive trait into what it has become today…but damn did they have at it.

The main traits of a vampire all revolve around one word: Seduction.

In order for a vampire to feed, they must be able to get close to a human. They must be able to seduce. If you see a snarling creature coming at you to eat your flesh, you run. If you see a hot guy with piercing eyes and glint to his smile, you smile back – and bare your neck. They also have power, they can overpower you with their strength, but they choose to overpower you with their sex appeal. That is a true gentleman.

Then, the long-lived aspect. They are practically immortal, so that means they’ll never die. They become the opposite of what they bring. They hold the key to a forever kind of love. If you manage to get a vampire to fall in love with you, you’ll never lose them. Isn’t that what we fear most about love, its loss?

And finally, the lure of the vampire is also about the darkness. They subsist off of humans, therefore they are intrinsically bad. They may or they may not have souls, depending on your source, which usually translates to bad behavior. So, they are the epitome of the bad-boy. The fact that they’ve lived for so long, usually means they’ve managed to accrue a bit of money, a lot of knowledge and tons of experience. They become the perfect man for lovers of the bad…

How can you deny that?



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