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Day 3 of the September Spooky Challenge

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Spookiest, Campfire, Scary Story I’ve Ever Heard.

The freaky tale of Bloody Mary was the reason I hated going to slumber parties or camp-outs when I was a tween. The story of Bloody Mary starts usually with a Truth or Dare game and there is always some evil twit that looks at you with a haughty, know-it-all smirk and dares you to say “Bloody Mary” in the mirror, three times.

If you don’t know who Bloody Mary is, you’ll get ridiculed for your stupidity. If you’ve heard the story, you’ll piss your pants–because now you have to either accept certain death, or back down from a Truth or Dare, Dare and you don’t particularly know what is worse.

So, what is the story of Bloody Mary?

The Bloody Mary tale changes from who is telling it, but there is one main theme. There is ghost called Bloody Mary that can be conjured if you say her name three times in a mirror while holding a candle. Once the witch/ghost is summoned she will remove your eyes, scratch out our face, take you into the mirror with her or drive you insane by viewing her face.

The “game” is said to originate from the story of Mary Worth, an actual witch you lived a century ago. She was accused of witchcraft and executed, but many people think this was just associated with the game later. The basis behind is most likely from Mary Tudor, who was actually nicknamed “Bloody Mary.” She reigned over England for five years and was a mass murderer. She killed anyone she believed was a heretic and tried to restore England back to Catholicism by executing anyone that followed her father’s, Henry VIII protestant ways. She never bore a child and it is said she had false pregnancies, which is where the baby sometimes come into play in the Bloody Mary game. You mock Bloody Mary and claim you have her baby. The baby she never could have.

The fact that Mary’s reign was in the 16th century and her tale still makes little girls freak out shows how much of a lunatic she was back in the day. Luckily I’m Catholic…

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