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Day 1 of the September Spooky Challenge

Spooky Blog Challenge

Top TEN Spookiest Books.


Dean Koontz is my “go-to” author for thrills and chills. His novel LIGHTENING freaked me the HELL out. I still have a few nightmares which feature some of Koontz’s creatures…


Again, Koontz will scare the crap out of anyone. PHANTOMS especially. Imagining being in this nightmare of a situation had me sleeping with the light on.

Kids are freaky. Add evil kid to the mix and I was rubbing my neck for months imagining a few of these scenes.



My biggest phobia is aliens because of this book. I will not be on the highest building welcoming our visotrs when first contact happens…nope I’ll be loading my shotgun.




The FIRST scene in this book freaked me the HELL out. I mean, nail-biting, zombie goodness. Scariest book I’ve read in a long time.

I hate clowns. Stephen King did that.



The movie was good, the book was 10x as scary and freaky and horrifying.

18477490 If you don’t know who Ed and Lorraine are, you should probably find out. It was scare you and wish you hadn’t read up on them and their demonologist backgrounds. Get your rosary out, cause you are going to need it!




I haven’t read this book – but the cover is sooo bad that I’m horrified. Does that count?

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