I would like to thank both Team Stomp and Team Romp authors for taking part in Stomp vs Romp for its 4th year. Both sides are winners! You guys brought some great posts this year and it was fun reading them all. Best of luck with your 2015 book releases and future releases!

A huge thank you to the GENIUS behind Stomp vs. Romp, The Book Nympho. Thanks for putting up with me and jumping all in your cool-aid!

I hope you enjoyed the romping and stomping, if you did let The Book Nympho know so she’ll bring it around for next year! I know she’s super busy with “real life'” stuff, but it was rather epic.

If you missed a post . . .

Date Team Stomp Team Romp
August 03 Jennifer Estep Paige Tyler
August 05 Sandy Williams Jayne Castle
August 07 Chloe Neill M.L. Buchman
August 10 Jeffe Kennedy Kate Baxter
August 12 Amanda Bonilla Kaylie Newell
August 14 Elliott James Eve Langlais
August 17 Wendy Sparrow Zoey Derrick
August 19 E.J. Stevens Anne Calhoun
August 21 ML Brennan Angel Payne, Victoria Blue
August 24 Kristi Charish Elizabeth Hunter
August 26 Marshall Ryan Maresca Kate Allure
August 28 Sierra Dean Terry Spear