How to Piss Off a Book Nerd

Hot Button Book Nerd Issues

As a book nerd, we are generally very happy people. Just give us a book and we are happy…but we do have a few hot buttons. Here are a few ways to piss of a Book Nerd.

What do you mean I can’t call in sick because my favorite series’ next book just came out? I have to read it? If I’m not reading it at home, I’ll be reading it while I work–I’m doing us both a favor by staying home. *Cough Cough* If you make me come in there will be workplace violence.

This happens waaaay too much. You are sitting there minding your own business and SUDDENLY someone comes up and asks you “Whatcha reading?”

“Nothing now–cause you interrupted me with your ridiculous question.”


You did not just say that out loud! You did not just tell me the ENTIRE mystery of the BOOK I have not finished!!!!!!!

You really like Young Adult? Isn’t that for thirteen-year-olds? Don’t you feel it’s a little immature? Do you watch the Disney Channel too?


You really like Romance? Don’t you find that it’s boring and unrealistic? Is it because your husband neglects you?


You have way too many books, you should really donate those to the library or something.


Ever been told your emotional reactions are ridiculous because it’s only a book? Did they survive that statement?


This is something my husband does all the time. He picks up the book and he moves it–but he doesn’t set it back down with the place marked. NO, he closes it and puts it to the side. Talk about freak out.


I don’t even know what to say to this,  you can’t really get mad at them. It’s more of a “Bless Your Heart” moment.

Thanks for that little passive-aggressive barb of telling me I have no life. Maybe if you stopped playing Facebook games and watching crappy tv you could be literate too.


What are some things that PISS you off as a reader?