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There are many ways to fail at blogging. From being inactive to acting morally corrupt. Here are a few quick steps to fail and fail quickly.

Blogging Tutorial

I’m a Blogger. They should be dying to get featured on my blog! Just sit back and expect them to fall all over you, wait for it. Are you waiting?

I was at this blogging conference and a chick walked up to me. She knew who I was because I had just done a panel. I had no clue who she was. Not being narcissistic or anything, but she introduced herself as {changed to protect the innocent} as Mary from Mary Reads and I had never heard of her blog. But, she launched into this big, long list of complaints about how she can only get ARCs when she PAYS for these conferences because publishers won’t just send her any. She’s been blogging for six months and she should be getting a ton of books in by now. And no one knows who she is, even though she’s been blogging for six months and comments ALL THE TIME. So she actually had to PAY a lot of money to come to a book conference to get ARCs. The injustice. Poor Mary. She closed up her blog a few months later. Or really, she posted her last post a few months after that and then stopped. She might come back.

It’s On the Internet, it’s fair game. Anything that is posted on the internet is fair game for some bloggers. Whether that is a picture or an IDEA, they posted it out there, IT’S NOW MINE! Who gives to craps that Jilly the Yogalicious Reader started a Yoga For Readers feature, you like what she did and you can YOGA like a boss. Might as well put up your own feature. It’s just an idea you can’t copyright an idea. And that image you used for the banner, you couldn’t track down the owner of the image. Mine. Mine. Mine. Go for it. Who’s gonna know?

I’ve seen blog headers with the SHUTTERSTOCK watermark on it, Facebook ads with the watermark lines all over it – AND EVEN a book cover that still had the watermark on it. Obviously image theft is a common thing. But, idea and content theft is also very prevalent and it can #FAIL your blog in two seconds flat. Or a slow bleed over a year if you are a big bloated blog…

Blogging Tutorial
Blogging Tutorial

I’m a Blogger. Not a writer. My grammar sucks ass. My spelling is atrocious. I punctuate everything with multiple exclamation points because I’m perpetually excited!!!!! Don’t judge me, I never claimed to be a good writer. Just because I’m writing to people that like to READ doesn’t mean they’ll judge my inability to organize a proper sentence. Who would do that???!! 

Me, I would do that. I don’t care if you are not a writer, you’ve chose to write. That is what a blogger does, they write. If you are having trouble with your grammar or spelling, run your posts through Grammarly. Anything. Here and there is one thing, we don’t expect your posts to be edited and proofread by outside sources. It’s just you and self-editing is hard. But, at least look like you tried.

I Don’t Need A Schedule. I’ll just post whenever I feel like it or when I have content. People will know I have a life and understand. Right?

No, they won’t understand. They might if they like you personally, but if they are just a reader-they won’t blame you for having a life, they’ll just forget about you. Poof. You’re gone out of the memory. Consistency is the key, if readers come to rely on a certain type of post from you, you’ll form committed and loyal readers.

Blogging Tutorial
Blogging Tutorial

Imma gonna post whatever I want, it’s my style, it’s my blog. You just gonna have to deal with it! Ooh I can embed my latest thrash metal video right in the sidebar!!!!

Well, sure it’s your style, but damn it HURTS to even be on your page. I can’t take that auto-play music. That repeating pattern you have as a background image hurts my eyes. I can’t read your text because you’ve used a script font for the body text and you have so much crap in your sidebars I don’t know what is what. This might be your style, but it isn’t mine and frankly, it isn’t 99.9% of readers. You are a special snowflake. Congrats. Your special snowflakeness will not  attract readers. Show off your style, but do so with moderation if you have an “Out There” style.

Cut through the snark…what blogging mistakes do you think you’ve made?