They’ve Hooked Up. Now What?

You are reading a romance. The angst is heavy in this one…you are 2/3rds into the book. They finally hook up…well from here on out, it’s downhill.

When reading a romance I quickly lose interest after the characters declare their love…unless something else very compelling is going on in the story. Readers like me are the reason writer’s invented love triangles…

It is why I can’t follow a “single couple” romance series. Even Cat & Bones got boring after a few books.


You fall in love, and then what happens? You have fights about money, if you want kids…who forgot to replace the toilet paper roll.

One of my favorite parts in a story is the anxiety and build up of the falling in love. The interaction between the two characters and the subsequent flirting or fighting makes the read. If it is a romance centered book. I love reading about how a couple becomes a couple. Yet, if this is one of the only driving factors of the book, basically if the book is a Romance only, I quickly lose interest the moment the couple fall into bed and declare their undying love for each other…so it better be REALLY good to keep me going.

Am I a fickle reader? Am I a Slam- Bam-Thank- You-Ma’am-Type of girl? Get it on and get it over? I just might be. I’m assuming that because of this, my real love is the anxiety between the couple…that tingle of like attracts like that a good writer can depict in the character interactions. And once those two magnets are securely in place…the anxiety fizzles because a connection is sealed. No more fizzles. No more reason to read. Why should I continue in a series if the couple is already together? Unless there is some really DRIVING plot that would keep me reading…something that trumps the romance…then I’m out, I’m done.

DO YOU FEEL THE SAME ABOUT ROMANCE NOVELS OR ROMANCE IN NOVELS? Or can you read about the same couple over and over again in these new contemporary romance series that keep going and going?