Book Reader Issues! We all have these problems. I could go on forever, from the obsessing over your future superpower to actually believing vampires will one day announce their existence. Admit it…you have these same issues!

Having a “shared” moment with a stranger that is wearing a fandom tee because you are wearing one also and having to explain what that was about to your clueless friend.

When the two main characters finally hook up and you feel like planets have aligned, but now you know it’s all downhill from here.

Listening to an audiobook and your inner narrative begins speaking like the narrator.

You honestly believe that you will one day develop a superpower.

You have a niggling suspicion that in your lifetime, werewolves and vampires will come forward and reveal their existence. You are betting on vampires first.

Realizing you just shouted “NOOOO!” While reading a book. And you are in public.

When your best friend hates a book you recommend that you loved and you start doubting your relationship.

Liking the “driving” part of the vacation the best because you get to read the whole time.

What are your fun reader issues? I’m going to do more of these posts, so if you have a great on – leave it in comments and I’ll make a graphic!