No matter how many you read, no matter how much you restrict your book buying – admit it, you’ll never get through your TBR.

You walk into a coffee shop and there is this chick reading your favorite book, don’t you just want to go sit down next to her and be her BFF?

Why are there people fighting over eBooks and paperbacks?? They are both books. They are stories. Read them and stop fighting.

You just read the best damn book you’ve ever read and no one you know has read it yet!!! So you can’t talk about but all you want to do is talk about it.

So, you’ve been reading this series for the last couple of years…the last four books went straight to paperback – but now that the series is popular, the publisher decides to put it out as a hardback. So – now your shelf looks all a mess because you have to keep your series together! What is that about?

You are so stuck in this world that you’ve been reading about and now the book is over and you have to get dressed and actually do things – things in real life – real things. Can I take a few hours to decompress?

You are completely engrossed in this story you are telling and it is a good one. You have the crowd mesmerized, it’s a damn good story. Halfway through the story, you realize you have no friend named Peeta and you just told the bread story….like you were there. Well, technically you were.

You really aren’t enjoying yourself at your cousin Tracys, third child’s baptismal celebration. Why can’t you go sit on the sofa and read that book that is burning a hole in your purse?? Why??