Hello Bookworms,

Happy 1st July! Not for any particular reason, but it might be someone’s birthday today!

Last Week’s Confessions:

Jade: “The first thing  I do when I walk into a bookstore is take a big deep breath in, drinking in the smell of all the glorious books I am yet to read! It always smells so nice!!”

Anila: “Once I was at the beach with my family. I was reading one of my favorite books by Stephen King “Four Past Midnight”, and I was so into the book. For some reason my father ushered us to go to a café near the beach, and my family kept whispering with each other.

“Did you see it? It was terrible!” my sister said.

“See what? What happened?” I asked.

They told me that a man had had an heart attack right in front of me (and I didn’t even notice him), the whole beach had gathered near him, the ambulance had come, and I hadn’t notice a single thing, because I had been reading. My father had told us to go to the café, this way we wouldn’t see the scene. I had been so lost in thoughts, that even after I had closed the book, I had noticed nothing…

Meredith: “Lizzie, you took the words right out of my month. I signed up for a free trial with Audible, and I didn’t even give the audio book a chance. I ended up requesting a physical copy from the library so I could actually read it. I have heard stories about how the physical books have extra little stuff in them that helps to enhance the reading experience that you don’t get if you listen to audio books. Plus, I don’t think I would be able to stay focus while listening to audio books.”

Stephanie: “I have to agree with Lizzie on audiobooks. I almost always listen to books I’ve already read. I’m not worried that I’ll hate the book per se but I learn and remember better with reading and writing. I’m afraid if I’m listening to something I will space out and forget important parts of the story!”

Last Week’s Question:

“Which character you wished you were in real life?”

Jade: Hermoine… Is there really anyone else…? Smart, pretty, great friends, a witch, goes to the best school in fictional existence!!

Wasim: “The first character that popped to mind is Kaylee Cavanaugh from the Soul Screamers series. For some reason, I feel like this is a weird choice considering all the terrible things that happen to her. But there’s also a lot of awesome things about Kaylee – 1.) she’s a bean sidhe, 2.) her boyfriend is Tod Hudson, 3.) she has amazing friends and family, 4.) she eventually becomes a soul collector, which is kinda cool combined with her bean sidhe abilities. Take away all the nasty, mean Hellions and all the other things trying to kill her (permanently), and she has a pretty good life.”

This Week’s Question:

“What magical creature you wish you were?”

The possibilities are endless, oh God, but I am going to stick with “dhampir”. Firstly, it’s because this word is Albanian (and I am Albanian), and it means “dham” teeth, and “pir” drink, the one who drinks with his teeth. Secondly, dhampir is a half human, half vampire creature, who is told to be much more powerful than vampires. Last, but not least, Blade is a dhampir, and he has been my hero since I was five.