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Social Media Tips

Write a Script

When you do any kind of marketing or business in general you should have a plan. Your social media presence is marketing, have a plan. A great way to take that plan to the next level is writing a script for your social media. Writing a script is basically just planning out your tweets and Facebook posts in advance. You don’t have to be super particular, if you write your script you basically can just prepare something like:

8:00 – Say Good Morning Twitter

9:00 – Post a Coffee pic on Facebook

10:00 – Share a funny video on Facebook

Or you can get more specific: 

8:00 – Post xxxx.jpg on Facebook & Twitter

9:00 – Share KittyLikesBox.mov on Facebook

10:00 – Share Parajunkee’s great new Infographic on Facebook


Images have always been the STUFF on Facebook and now they are gaining momentum on Twitter and Google+. Images have a higher share, favorite and retweet rate than anything else posted on the social media highways. And if you think it’s just a little bit more – think again – out of all posts 87% of those posts that are shared are images.

Social Media Tips
Social Media Tips

Repeat Performance

You should work within time zones and high traffic times and repost your content within those periods. Post for Eastern and Pacific. If you have UK or Austrailian followers, utilize that. Post for their time-zones.


You can’t be there all the time. If you are posting for Austrailian readers and East Coasters use a schedule. Facebook has scheduled posts and you can use HootSuite or Tweetdeck to schedule your tweets. There are apps like ScheduGram and Friends+Me that allow you to schedule Instagram and Google+ posts.

Social Media Tips
Social Media Tips

Track Your URLs

I have just recently started utilizing bitly for tracking my performance. By tracking my URLs I can see who and where my users are coming from. I set up links for each time I tweet or post on Facebook and then I can track those clicks to see where most of my clicks are coming from and what times and locations. By monitoring times and locations you can get a better read on what works and what is not worth your time. You got this.

Do you use any of these techniques? Or do you have other tried and true methods?