Hello my dear bookworms,

Flash news: Today, I just opened my own bank account, because the editing house (I have a book published in Italy) wanted to give me the money of the sold books. Can your 18 years old bookworm get a round of applause? I felt so damn important today, while signing some papers. *flips hair*

Ok. Let’s continue now! First of all, I couldn’t write any posts last week, because I was at the hospital. Nothing major, but I am a cancer survivor, and I need some check-ups every 4 months.

What is this feature?
This is a new feature, where you can participate, telling us your craziest confessions. Here’s how it works. Write a post about your most eccentric bookworm confession, and put your post link below. I will go around checking your blogs, and choosing the craziest bookworm confessions, and featuring them into our next post.
This feature will help create a bond between bookworms, because at the end if we don’t understand one another, then who is going to understand us? Plus we get to see how crazy we really are, and still call that normal. (haha!)


This Week’s Confessions:

Lizzie: I’m really scared to try audiobooks. I’ve always read them, so it seems weird to listen to them. I know that they’d be really convenient for long car rides or while working, but I’m still worried. I’m nervous that it will effect my opinion of the book. I might hate the audiobook, when I could have loved reading it. I won a copy of one of Darynda Jones’ audiobooks, but I’m scared to try it.

Olivia: I have been known to skip out on family things to stay home and read, but not usually friend things. I skip out on those because I am just introverted or not in the mood to >.> But I try to go if I can!

Jade: I HAVE TO BUY BOOKS IF THEY ARE ON SALE OR ON OFFER… That’s it, that’s all I have to say, I just can’t help it, it’s like a magnetic connection!

Last Week’s Question:

“What would you do if you were forced to read a genre you simply cannot like?”

Nell: This is not a scandalous confession.  I’m sure that I’m not the only person out there for whom stepping outside my reading zone is pretty difficult.  I like what I like and if I have to read a genre that I cannot like it would probably take forever to get the book done.  I’m a procrastinator when it comes to things I don’t like. I’m pretty good at negotiating to get myself out of doing something that I’m gonna hate.  With that being said, I will try a genre if I’ve never tried it before.  I usually stick with what I know, but I won’t dismiss it without at least a look.  I have an example where I was forced to read the “Grapes of Wrath” by John Steinbeck for school.  I didn’t hate it, but I didn’t love it either.  I realize it’s a classic, but 1939 must not have been my year.  I did try it and I did finish it.  It won’t be my go-to relaxation and escapism book, that’s for sure.

Ivana: I think I’m with Nell on this one. I would procrastinate and avoid. If I have to do it, like with some books I had to read in school, I’d do a lot of skimming. Once a wrote a book report on Uncle Tom’s Cabin just by reading the captions under the illustrations. I know I was supposed to want to read such a critical piece of American history, but I really wasn’t of an age to appreciate that at the time. So I got creative. No one ever knew … until now!

Lizzy: Well I’m not a fan of contemporary, so I’m not sure what I’d do. Maybe just make up a paranormal or fantasy story to add to it, like the main character is a mermaid and her boyfriend in a werewolf that has a fear of water or something. I guess that would be my coping mechanism!

Jade: I would probably have to just struggle through it if I was absolutely forced to read it, or just give up if I couldn’t get into it.

This Week’s Question:

“Which character you wished you were in real life?”

Ok, I really wanted to say Dracula, but then I figured that it would be too creepy. But, I mean, he has a huge castle with wolves as guards, and a huge library! Ok, if I am not Dracula, then I’ll be Van Helsing. See, I love vampires, but I love vampire hunters too. I would be super intelligent, and I would be a great hunter.

If I were a character from a Comic Book, then I would be Blade, the vampire hunter. He has been my favorite hero since I was five years old. He is super cool.

Has anyone noticed my fascination with vampires?

Haha! Haha! Haha! *laughs awkwardly, while fainting into the darkness*