It is VERY hard to grab people's attention on Facebook.

If you feel like you are posting for NO ONE, here are a few steps to get more engagement.
Ten Ways to Increase Your Facebook Engagement


George Takei – A Dark Horse of the Social Media landscape became famous because of his role on Star Trek as Hikaru Sulu, decades ago. The small screen superstar would have faded into obscurity if it would have been for his constant “rehashing” of his Sulu role at TrekCons and the fact that he has dominated Facebook in recent years. At first he floundered, his posts going nowhere – until he got a little sillier. Now, he’s a “Must Like” page and his funny posts and shares are always entertaining. But, he makes sure that between the funny he advocates the causes close to his heart and posts “real” information that matters.

Question Everything

How can you expect a response when you don’t push for one? Just posting something random will not always get your audience to respond. It is like walking into a room and going “I LIKE BIG BOOKS AND I CAN NOT LIE.” You might get a giggle, you might get some odd looks, but will anyone respond with a thought-provoking comment? Probably not. Follow up that though with – “What is the biggest book you’ve tackled?

Ten Ways to Increase Your Facebook Engagement
Increase Facebook Engagement with Visuals
Ten Ways to Increase Your Facebook Engagement

Visually Stimulate

Facebook loves images. Your followers love images. They don’t want to read a 10 paragraph rant. They want to see an image that stimulates some sort of emotion. Leading social media blog Buffer claims that visuals, photos, in general, get “53% more likes and 104% more comments.” That is a HUGE difference. It goes on to claim that creating photo albums is also a MUST. Photo Albums will generate a whopping 180% more engagement. What do we learn from this? If you have multiple pictures to share, create an album, do not spread them out in different posts.


Lure them in, give them a reason. Host a Facebook only giveaway. Have a Facebook only party. Give them a reason to go to your page and keep coming back. Give them a reason to share your image, or like it.

Tip: If hosting a Giveaway on your blog, create a graphic for that giveaway that is only for Facebook. Users can share and like that image for extra entries.

Ten Ways to Increase Your Facebook Engagement
Ten Ways to Increase Your Facebook Engagement

Utilize Events

If you have something scheduled for your Blog or on Social Media create a Facebook event and invite all your friends. Encourage people to share the event and invite others. Share your event on your page multiple times.

Personal Profile

Always share your Page posts to your Personal Profile page. Use both to market your blog and engage readers. If you feel uncomfortable posting to your personal profile, create a Facebook profile that is just for your blog.

Ten Ways to Increase Your Facebook Engagement
Increase Facebook Engagement with Visuals
Ten Ways to Increase Your Facebook Engagement

Get Personal

Your Facebook page shouldn’t just be about blog-related stuff, you can also showcase personal things. Show off YOU, the voice behind your blog. Show off your favorite hobbies, or just what you are doing at the moment. It doesn’t have to epic, it just has to be interesting.

Focus on What You Have

Have 1000 likes, but really only about 5 or so “True Fans?” These are the people that are always liking and commenting on your posts. Focus on those 5 people, respond to EVERY comment. Like their comments, post stuff that they seem to like. With those 5 people, you’ll increase it to even more. Those engaged fans will actually bring more people because the more they engage, the more your post gets pushed up.

Ten Ways to Increase Your Facebook Engagement
Ten Ways to Increase Your Facebook Engagement

Targeted Content

Know what works for your fans. Get to know who you are targetting, what do they want to see, post, share and comment on? This is a process of learning. Note things that work, things that don’t. Repeat the things that work. You might start with “known” Facebook winners and go from there:

  1. Inspirational Quotes
  2. Positive Thinking Posts
  3. Fun + Forced Like & Share (You may hate these but people do them)
    Like & Share if You Like Big Books…
  4. Bucket List Posts – I Want etc.

Timed Perfectly

Schedule posts in advance and DON’T just post haphazardly. You definitely want to post during lunchtime. And don’t disappear on the weekends. Blog post clicks might go down on weekends, but Facebook engagement goes WAY up. Statistics recently have shown that the best time to post is on Saturday, followed by Thursday and Friday. Noon, 1pm and 3pm posts increase engagement during the week. Remember that the majority of population centers are in the Eastern time zone, followed by Central. If you are on Pacific, you might want to focus on your East Coast & Central brethren, they make up 80% of the U.S. population.  You can post anytime you want, but make sure you have something good to post at these HOT times.

Ten Ways to Increase Your Facebook Engagement

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