It’s Freaky Geeky Friday here at the PJV, and Jaycee Ford is freaking my geek today! I recently read Watching Fireflies which is the first full on romance I have read, and I really enjoyed it. I tend to read paranormal, UF, suspense, thriller, etc. with romance elements involved but not necessarily the focus.

So now I want to wrangle a cowboy! Jaycee has written a series of books that feature a new cowboy from the same world (The Love Bug Series):

Aren’t they pretty?

Here are my Top Ten Reasons You Should Wrangle A Cowboy:

  1. There are lots of hot cowboys. So if cowboys are your thing, this series is for you.
  2. It made me nostalgic for the little town in Texas where I grew up.
  3. Tom won me over with this line: “I wasn’t going to push her into telling me all of her problems. I just wanted to be the one to fix them.”
  4. There’s a crazy, rabbit-boiling ex-boyfriend, and Jaycee does an excellent job of making you hate him.
  5. There were too many sex scenes for me which may be the perfect number for you. (Yeah, I know I’m weird) But, they were well written sex scenes if that helps.
  6. The book just has a certain charm that’s hard for me to put my finger on. This may be my nostalgia kicking in.
  7. There is an external plot outside of the relationship between Tom and Jordan.
  8. Jordan is smart and easy to root for.
  9. The ending is sweet. If you like a HEA with a sweet ending, this is the book for you.
  10. Did I mention there are hot cowboys?

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