Hello bookworms,
This is our tenth post! Yay! This week I enjoyed reading new confessions. They are a tiny bit strange, but hey, these are considered normal for bookworms.

What is this feature?
This is a new feature, where you can participate, telling us your craziest confessions. Here’s how it works. Write a post about your most eccentric bookworm confession, and put your post link below. I will go around checking your blogs, and choosing the craziest bookworm confessions, and featuring them into our next post.
This feature will help create a bond between bookworms, because at the end if we don’t understand one another, then who is going to understand us? Plus we get to see how crazy we really are, and still call that normal. (haha!)

This week’s confessions:

Raeleigh: “Now, in all seriousness, bless me father, for I have bookwormed.
When packing for vacation I do the following:
put one, sometimes two, paperbacks AND my e-reader in my carry-on,
leave room in my suitcase for that moment when I inevitably purchase more books while on vacation, and/or
put an extra bag in my suitcase for the purchase of additional reading material.
*Looks around furtively to see if anyone is judging her.*

I have lied about being sick so that I could stay home and read. I’m talking about skipping out on friend time for me and muh book time. That’s not so bad, is it? It’s not like I’m calling in sick to work or anything.
*Tilts head to the side. Grins sheepishly. Hopes her friends still love her.*”

Nellie: “My most eccentric bookworm confession is that I have this issue with the last book in a series. I won’t read it. You see, if I don’t read the last book in the series, then the series never ends and I always know that I have one more episode to go before it’s the finale. I’ve held on to Charlaine Harris’s Sookie Stackhouse series that way. I’ve still not read the last book in that series. I’ve been holding my breath since book #3 was released in Skye Knizley’s Storm Chronicles series because I didn’t know if that was going to be the last in the series, but it’s not, so I don’t have to stress. I read Diana Rowland’s Kara Gillian #7 in the series because I trolled the internet until I knew there was going to be a #8. I know. I’m weird.”

Ivana: “Eccentric bookworm confession, huh? Lets see… I don’t think sniffing books is that odd among book lovers. Getting annoyed when series covers don’t match? Nah, that has to be pretty common, too. I suppose the one thing I get a lot of flack for is the way–or ways–in which I organize my ebooks. I keep a catalog of all my ebooks in Excel, noting title, author, series, genre, etc. I spent a couple of weeks getting the first draft done and now keep it updated religiously. Then I have to add all my purchases to my Goodreads shelves and mark whether they are ebooks or audiobooks. And, just for giggles, I have to compare the number of books Goodreads says I have to the number of books Amazon says I have to the number of books my Excel spreadsheet says I have… I swear I’m not OCD, it’s just a thing, okay?”

Last week’s question:
“Which fiction character would be your enemy in real life? Which one you would absolutely not tolerate?”

Nordie: “I’d like to say “Moriarty” but really, I’m not that bright and would bore him rigid

Knowing my luck I’d end up with Mr Collins from Pride and Prejudice – boring, pompous, and apt to send me from passive dementia straight to armed aggression in one easy step!”
Jade: “Dolores Umbridge would be my worst enemy.”
Raeleigh: ” Oh my gosh, that’s so hard. Um, every antagonist ever! Too broad? Okay, well if I absolutely must pick one, I will go with President Coriolanus Snow from The Hunger Games trilogy. That guy seriously irritates me. I find zero redeeming qualities in him, and the fact that his mouth is constantly bleeding is just gross AMIRIGHT.”

This week’s question:
“What would you do if you were forced to read a genre you simply cannot like?”

I am not a big fan of romance, especially cheesy romantic books. This is only my personal preference of course.I am forced several times to read romantic stories for school, and let me tell you, it was like hell for me. I am not a romantic person at all, and any confession of love makes me cringe. I have nothing against them, but at the end I am grown up watching and reading horror.